I am a stay at home mama to a daughter who is currently a year old. I accept both online and offline work for our family’s income. But aside from that, I also spend a great deal of time in the kitchen because I love to cook and experiment with new dishes and different ingredients. This blog will be about my experimental dishes that worked and those that flopped. I will also let your mouth water about our different gastronomic adventures. I will not claim that these are healthy dishes because sometimes there are great tasting dishes that have pretty adverse effects on our blood tests. But they are sooo delicious. The trick is to eat in moderation. *wink*


This will take some time to build because I had not really recorded what I did in the past. But I will try. So read on. 

You are free to copy and try out my recipes. But if you publish my content, please have the courtesy of sending me an e-mail at mamacooks.info@gmail.com and linking up my blog, Mama Cooks. Thank you.