The Adidas AdiZero Smoke gloves are part of the company’s line of super lightweight products. They sell shoes under this brand for basketball, golf, football and soccer. While most football gloves are not very heavy, these gloves are noticeably lighter. The palm material is extremely thin and it makes for a comfortable fit.

The palms are made out of silicone and not some other special material. So they don’t claim to be any more tacky than the average glove. Going into the tests I didn’t think there would be much advantage to having light gloves. Many reviews that I have read indicate that people have found the gloves are not durable. They split or lose their tackiness after only a short period of time. Most people who buy these gloves will expect them to last a full season. The thin material makes it difficult to make the gloves long lasting.

We got a new pair and tried them out. I can’t comment on how long they will last right now, but if I find them breaking down in the next few weeks, I’ll let you know. See our buying guide on best soccer pop up goals to buy

The weather wasn’t great, and the wind did have a little effect. You can see that our numbers are a little down from our previous tests with the Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 gloves. That is why we do the barehanded test every time. We can then compare the difference because if we are having a bad day, or the weather is affected the results, they will for both the gloved and un-gloved attempts.

The results speak for themselves. Again we are much better off wearing these gloves than barehanded. We were 34% move successful in catching and holding on to the football while wearing the Adidas gloves.

The verdict is that the gloves look and feel great. They help you catch the ball. They are not quite as tacky as some other gloves and there is anecdotal evidence that they break down quickly, but we didn’t notice any change after one day of use.