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Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Piece Vanity Set in Espresso Finish

The Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Piece Vanity Set in Espresso Finish is a compact, beautiful, sturdy piece of furniture at a great price. Of the 191 reviews (of 236) that rate the product 4 stars or higher on Amazon, customers have raved about their ability to assemble the furniture with little-to-no hassle, how the furniture compliments any room, and the great value the Frenchi Vanity Set has presented them. Check here for best dressing tables

If you are looking for a reasonably priced vanity set, this may be the one you are looking for. However, price is not the only element that seems to draw people to it like bees to honey, as it is a delicate and timeless piece of furniture that everybody can easily enjoy, regardless age, and taste or house décor.

The reason is simple and is due to the clever design its manufacturers have given to it. Its lines are so simple and elegant that the Vanity Set in Espresso Finish can easily blend with any kind of house and surrounding. You can place it in a modern bedroom and make a perfect fit; but, you can also prefer it to become a stylish addition to a more romantic décor.


The Frenchi 3 Piece Vanity Set is a compact vanity that comes with a stool. With a lovely espresso finish that compliments most décor, the vanity has a central organization drawer to hold make-up, jewelry, or knick-knacks. It also comes with a mirror that provides multiple-angle reflection, providing a range of options when getting ready.

The set is small, measuring 31 X 19.5 X 12.9 inches and weighing only 37 pounds, making it ideal for those with limited space or simply do not want a piece of furniture that is too bulky. Note that many customers have chosen to add a pinch of a more floral or girlish touch to it, by applying an additional cover to the small, comfortable and convenient stool. The options are unlimited and based on the overall style you want your bedroom to have, you can customize the stool in very little time and almost effortless.


  • Vanity and stool
  • One organization drawer
  • Multi-angle reflection mirror
  • Espresso finish
  • Compact design at 31 X 19.5 X 12.9 inches and 37 pounds


Amazon customers have given the Frenchi 3 Piece Vanity Set a total of 4.2 stars out of 5 over 236 reviews. They marvel at the design, the ease of assembly, the durability, the size, and the price. One user checked in two years after purchasing a vanity to say, “Over two years later, I still love this vanity. It has held up very well.”

The customers love the clean design of the Frenchi Vanity Set. In a review from March 25th, 2013 one user wrote that the set “looks quite elegant.” Similarly in March, another customer wrote that the set, “Looks so nice,” and that they are, “Very happy with (this) purchase.” Of the several reviews that love the design, the customer who summed it up best said, “It’s compact, stylish, and well-made.”

Most of the customers that bought the Frenchi Vanity Set were able to assemble it in about a half an hour. In describing their five-star review, one customer said, “… Easy assembly, did it by myself in 30 minutes with no additional tools or an extra set of hands.” Another customer said, “I am absolutely not a handy person… but this vanity went together with surprising (and relieving) ease!”

Despite the ease with which the Frenchi Vanity Set is assembled, it is extremely durable. This led one reviewer to write, “… The build of the furniture is very sturdy… It doesn’t wobble or crack anywhere.” Compared to other products, one satisfied customer wrote, “More sturdy than other build-it-yourself furniture.”

If you do not have a lot of space to give up, the compact design of the Frenchi Vanity Set is for you. One reviewer summed up the feeling of many others when they wrote, “Perfect for a smaller room.” Another “… put this vanity inside of my walk-in closet… This is great for the price.”

The most surprising thing many reviewers find about the Frenchi Vanity Set is the value it provides for the price. One mother commented, “We bought this for our teenaged daughter… It is beautiful and functional for a low price.” A husband buying the vanity for his wife said, “It’s a great little table for the price. You simply can’t go wrong.”


  • Ease-of-Assembly: For most customers assembly takes a half an hour or less with minimal need for extra tools or assistance.
  • Durability: The solid design of the Frenchi Vanity Set ensures that it will last for years.
  • Size: For small bedrooms or large closets, this vanity set can fit almost anywhere.
  • Price: At less than $100, this vanity set is a great value.


  • Size: Due to the vanity’s compact nature, many feel that it is better-suited for young women or people below 5’6.
  • Instructions: Many people received instructions for a different vanity set in their box, or the directions were missing completely.


A well-designed, sturdy, easy-to-assemble, bargain, the Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Piece Vanity Set in Espresso Finish is the perfect addition to any home. Whether buying it for a daughter, a wife, a friend, or as a gift to yourself, the Frenchi Vanity Set will compliment your existing furniture while adding elegance to your room. Anyway, at less than $100 and the exceptional style it gives out, you cannot go wrong with the Frenchi Vanity Set.

8ft Trampoline Safety Measures You Should Take

The 8ft trampoline is a popular choice among homeowners with little space to spare, but is also the most unsafe choice. The trampoline’s very small size only permits one person to safely jump on it at one given time and you can’t stop children from jumping on it all at the same time. Preventing the occurrence of accidents is the best thing that you can do and this is only possible with the use of trampoline with net add-ons like an enclosure and surrounding pads.

Homeowners having limited spaces whether indoors or outdoors prefer 8ft trampolines over larger ones because they are easier to accommodate. It brings out the same amount of fun as 12ft or 16ft trampolines, only in a compact size. But this convenience comes at the price of limiting the number of children who could jump on it at one at a time. More than one child jumping on it is still possible though, but comes with the risk that one or both of them would fall off the trampoline’s size.

Let’s face it, children will be children. Even if we tell them not to do things, they would go ahead and do it anyway – including jumping on a small kids trampoline with other kids already jumping on it. Falls from the trampoline couldn’t be avoided by merely reprimanding children, which is why you need to take the action of purchasing an 8ft trampoline with enclosure.

Some trampolines already come with this enclosure during your purchase, and is made of a net that will surround the borders of the trampoline to prevent children from falling or flying off elsewhere. A package selling both the trampoline and the enclosure would be the best option, but you could always buy the latter separately if the trampoline of your choice doesn’t include one in its package.You must also see these skywalker trampoline reviews.

Aside from an enclosure, another safety measure to take is to buy and install 8ft trampoline pads with your trampoline. These pads either come with a trampoline package when sold, or could also be purchased as a different item. It will act as a cushion underneath and in the area surrounding a trampoline, not to necessarily prevent injuries but to break falls that may occur.

Even though the 8ft trampoline isn’t the safest choice to start with, you can still make it the safest play environment for your children by simply installing additional enclosures and pads onto it. This way, you could still manage to safe keep your children’s safety and efficiently utilize the limited space in your home.

Use Reticent in a Sentence

Meaning of Reticent:

  • Reserved or restrained, predisposed to keeping one’s personal affairs, feelings and thoughts to oneself.

See aplomb in a sentence

Use Reticent in a sentence :

  • Tim was quite open among his friends, but extremely reticent while in the company of strangers.
  • She is quite reticent on matters related to her private life.

See common courtesy definition

Reticent in Hindi :

  • कम बोलने वाला

Cpap Vs Bipap

CPAP vs BIPAP related to a device which is usually used for people with apnea sleep. Apnea sleep is disease which is happen to sleeping people and it is signed by a period when your breath is stopped all of sudden frequently. Sometimes, people who are not sleep also experienced this sleep apnea, but they do not recognize it and do not realize it.

Then, to treat the sleep apnea disease when people sleep, a device has been published which is known as CPAP, always see a CPAP machine review before you buy one. Other device which is more or less has the similar function that is to help people with sleep apnea is known as BIPAP. CPAP vs BIPAP actually talk about the point plus and the point minus of the both devices. However, although what is talked when heard or see the words “CPAP vs BIPAP” is the point plus and the point minus of both devices, actually both CPAP and BIPAP is completely to complete one each other.


When CPAP versus BIPAP is associated with a device or a medical device to help people with particular disease, then our mind will turn to sleep apnea, other medical disorders like COPD exacerbation, pulmonary edema, etc. CPAP refers to continuous positive airway pressure. This CPAP presents in form of a small machine which is plugs into any electrical device to make it on and can deliver increased pressure air via a long tube which connect the machine to a facial appliance on the patient’s face included nose and  mouth. BIPAP refers to bilevel positive airway pressure and it present in form of model which is more or less has the similarity with CPAP machine.

When CPAP versus BIPAP is associated with a device to complete one each other, then our mind will turn to a question why?  CPAP is suitable for people with mild sleep apnea. Meanwhile, BIPAP is suitable for people with very serious sleep apnea. That is why both CPAP and BIPAP to complete one each other.

When CPAP vs BIPAP is associated with the pros and cons of the devices, then our mind will turn to the point plus and minus both CPAP and BIPAP. CPAP is very much safe because it can adjust the pressure level which is comfortable for patient. It also can be used together with other treatment. However, it causes headaches, face irritation, stomach problems and nasal congestion. BIPAP  delivers high level air pressure and therefore it suit for severe sleep apnea. However, it causes migraines, rhinitis, headaches, a runny nose, and indigestion.

All the Things about CPAP vs BIPAP

All have been clarified of what are CPAP and BIPAP? How to use both CPAP and BIPAP? For whom both CPAP and BIPAP? The pros and cons both CPAP and BIPAP, and so on. Then, our turn to use both CPAP and BIPAP carefully. In this case, you or the patient shall see doctor to ask about which one from both CPAP and BIPAP suit to your health. As you know before, that  CPAP and BIPAP are used suit to your sleep apnea problems and how serious your sleep apnea disease.  Now, it’s clear, all the things about CPAP VS BIPAP.

Gunvault MV500-STD Safety Features Overview

The Gunvault MV500-STD is compact and light weight, but very strong and secure for size. A would-be burglar would find it purely impossible to pry the safe open with hand tools, and it can be bolted down to any flat and hard surface making it that much more secure. The safe does come with a backup physical key, but I would not suggest using this as the main form of entry. Hide this key is it only as a backup in the event that you can’t remember your programmed entry cold over the safe runs out of batteries. As previously mentioned, the safe can be accessed either with a digital keycode, or with biometric fingerprint recognition. Since it uses fingerprint can change slightly over time, Gunvault has engineered a technology in which the safe will continually update the fingerprint to make sure that it’s as accurate as possible.

The Gunvault MV500-STD also features the “No-Eyes” technology featured in their other bio metric gun safe. This technology makes it simple to open and operate the gun safe even in lowlight situations, or even in a situation with no light whatsoever. As you can see in the picture, there are slots to put your fingers so you can do it completely by touch.

The safe also comes with an included steel cable that will allow you to wrap it around something if you do not wish to bolt it down. Although this cable could be easily cut with bolt cutters, it will help prevent simple smash-and-run thefts. Again, this works great in a vehicle. Even if you don’t carry valuable things in your car, it can help protect your insurance, registration and other small things. It also works great tucked away in a truck, RV, or camper.

The Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier

Humidity is a big problem at home and even in the office because it can cause problems for the occupants. For example, humidity gives way to moisture. Moisture, in turn, spawns mildew and molds. Both of these are sources of health problems for the occupants of the space. However, with the Frigidaire 70 Pint Dehumidifier, you can avoid those problems and at the same time make the space more comfortable for the occupants.

The function of the Frigidaire dehumidifier 70 pint is very simple but functional. It basically sucks up the room humidity before passing it through its cold plates for condensation to take place. Once the humidity is converted into liquid, it can be re-used externally such as gardening or washing the floor but not for drinking.

Another remarkable feature of this Frigidaire 70 Pint is that it removes humidity very quickly; 70 pints a day if it is on 24 hours. You will definitely feel the cool change in your environment after it is switched on for a few hours as this home dehumidifier takes care of both humidity and moisture issues in your environment. Although it is a simple device, its effects are greatly felt and then appreciated.

When in doubt or curious about the capabilities of this dehumidifier by Frigidaire, you can always go and make use of a review. With this review, you can get an in-depth look at the features as well as the capabilities that you can expect from your purchase of a dehumidifier. It would help you make a decision or at least see for yourself what’s in store for you before deciding to commit to a purchase of 70 pint dehumidifier. You’d also be convinced that the dehumidifiers are ideal for your dehumidifying needs.

This company not only produces the 70 Pint dehumidifier, it also offers the 50 pint dehumidifier which can generate 50 pints of liquid in a day and the 25 pint dehumidifier, with 25 pints liquid per day. With three outstanding products on offer, you are bound to find one that will suit your space size, budget and other requirements or expectations.

As far as keeping your house from becoming too humid, a frigidaire dehumidifier is a great way to maintain control over your environment. One of the most popular versions of this, is the frigidaire dehumidifier 70 pint, which is really a great piece of technology.

Best curling iron

There are different ways to curl your hair. You should use the best curling ironto get a hair curl or best flat iron for black hair to straighten your hair. Not only the techniques are different, the products and tools are also different. The best way to curl your hair depends upon the type of hair or the time you need to spend with your hair curls.

Here are the curling tips we generally follow  

  • Suitable tool
  • Right temperature
  • Perfect touch
  • Hair completely dry
  • Brush out tangles
  • Splitting hair into sections

Finding suitable tool for job

Unwinding hair locks from an iron, not having pleasant appearance is very annoying. For an easy curl along with natural wave try with a suitable curl iron. Straighten your hair properly. Every iron has a different look and purpose. Choose one of them as per the need. If you want bigger and looser curls, you are going to need different iron.

Right temperature

Many commercial curl irons operate between 400 to 450 degrees F. The suitable temperature for a curl iron is between 350 to 375 degrees F. There is no need to add excessive heat to thick locks of hair because it can make the hair singe fringe or dry out.

For this purpose, you should choose a ceramic plated iron providing more protection rather than gold plated iron.

Perfect touch

Pay attention on how your hairdresser is using the curl iron. If less hair is wrapped, it will produce a tighter curl, large irons can cover more hairs at a time and you are getting looser locks.

Ensure that your hair is completely dry

If you put a hot iron on damp hair, it will be damaged because the iron is very hot resulting water to steam. Before using curl iron, make hair dry with hair-dryer.

The time taken to dry the hair depends on the thickness of your hair. Keep the hair dryer by selecting cool settings.

Brush out tangles

You should brush out tangles before the iron heats up. Start from the end of your hair and brush out the some hair at the bottom part. Then brush your completely along the entire length of the hair. This reduces the damage made to the hair like split ends.

Splitting your hair into sections

If you have thin hair, you should work with small sections. In this way, you will get curls with uniform styles. You should clip up the section of the hair. Use thumb to grab everything above top of your ears and clip it up on top of the head. Then release the upper section of the hair as you work. Then descend-down gradually releasing more hairs. Continue with the process until your hair becomes curled.

These are the six fashion tips you should follow using the best curling iron. The curl iron has different makes and purpose to suit different hair types and fashion requirements.

TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake Review

There are many toilet brands nation today, so homeowners looking for improvement or renovation into their bathroom would surely have a hard time in picking one. If you wish to have an easy time choosing a toilet,as our toilet reviews you may give a second look to TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake, an excellent one from the Toto brand that has been around for years.

TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake Main Specifications – Best toilet

The Toto Drake 2-Piece Ada is an elongated toilet model from the company that features both comfort and performance atop its class. From the design to its price, you won’t regret considering it as a replacement for your old toilet. Here are a few significant features:

  • High Profile & Contemporary Design
  • G-Max Flush System
  • Large Surface Water Area
  • Elongated Bowl Shape
  • Closed-Coupled Toilet with a 12inch Rough-In
  • ADA Compliant
  • Siphon-Jet Flushing Action
  • 3-inch Flush Valve
  • Computer Designed 2 1/8 inch Fully Glazed Trap-Way
  • Tank & Bowl Included
  • 1.6gpf Water Consumption Rating
  • Low Water Consumption Rating of 6lpf/1.6gpf

Pros of the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake – Best toilet

  • Flawless toilet flushing action
  • Flush valve that’s 125% larger than conventional ones
  • Easy installation process
  • Powerful, commercial grade and quiet flushing action
  • Wash-let seat for a high level of cleanliness

Cons of the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake – Best toilet

  • The 18-inch plus seat exceeds over 19 inches which may be too high for some
  • A bit expensive
  • May require occasional maintenance

Summary of Feedback for TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake – Best toilet

With all the many people who bought and installed the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake with elongated bowl, most of them have revealed how they receive a great amount of comfort and satisfaction with this toilet’s quality.

Most of them didn’t just consider installing in their homes but in their offices as well. When it comes to replacing an old toilet, people consider the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake.

Who Should Buy the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake? – Best toilet

If you have just bought a home and are looking to create a sense of coziness in your bathroom, the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake may be the one you are looking for with its offered satisfaction, design, performance and functionality. Overall, a it is great choice as a replacement or as a new installation.

Conclusion and Recommendation 

After learning of its great features and functions, surely a TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake is a cool investment if you are looking to save money for your pocket and create a warm sense of space in your bathroom.

Which OBD2 Scanner Fits With Your Vehicle?

Which OBD2 Scanner Fits With Your Vehicle

The global world is now becoming digital by using chip. So many things work just under code. When there is something wrong with the operational program, we have to know the program code in case we want to know the precise problem. We know that the auto system contains many codes.

With regard to contemporary car proprietors, they cannot keep their own cars in good shape without equipping which includes motor vehicle diagnostic equipment of their own. A good auto diagnostic tool will be a great assist in checking the trouble codes of the car engine.

Because of the rapid advancement of science plus technology, these tools could be updated by using some certain software easily. There is no need to buy them every year which will be an excellent solution to save our cash and decrease the times we change towards the mechanics for assist.

Before choosing the right OBD2 scanner for the automobiles you have to keep in mind the following techniques:

Why should you own a good automotive OBD2 scan tool?

Modern motor vehicle computer systems are extremely sensitive. The computer may sense a little abnormality. It really is so little a driver cannot see. Even though this happens only one amount of time in the last 100 times of the key cycles, check engine light arrives and tells a driver that the nagging issue may exist. In this situation, all of you need to do is apparent the light in case the light comes back on. You should consider likely to auto mechanic store and getting it repaired if the lighting comes back on.

Getting at the Exact Codes

The easiest scan tools are really “code readers” and which may be what your local parts store attempts to sell or even lease for you. This kind of scan tool is commonly very reasonable, and you can be got by it on the right course, but knowing the trouble code is only the initial step in a potentially lengthy and complicated diagnostic procedure.

Live Data Streaming

In order to really be a useful car diagnostic tool, a scanner must have the opportunity to interface with the car’s computer and display live data.

Some scan tools are just made to show more information on all of the obtainable data values, while some enable you to draw particular parameter IDs (PIDs) and develop a custom list. It can be useful through the diagnostic process tremendously, since it enables you to watch for problems throughout a test drive.

Adidas AdiZero Smoke Gloves Tested

The Adidas AdiZero Smoke gloves are part of the company’s line of super lightweight products. They sell shoes under this brand for basketball, golf, football and soccer. While most football gloves are not very heavy, these gloves are noticeably lighter. The palm material is extremely thin and it makes for a comfortable fit.

The palms are made out of silicone and not some other special material. So they don’t claim to be any more tacky than the average glove. Going into the tests I didn’t think there would be much advantage to having light gloves. Many reviews that I have read indicate that people have found the gloves are not durable. They split or lose their tackiness after only a short period of time. Most people who buy these gloves will expect them to last a full season. The thin material makes it difficult to make the gloves long lasting.

We got a new pair and tried them out. I can’t comment on how long they will last right now, but if I find them breaking down in the next few weeks, I’ll let you know. See our buying guide on best soccer pop up goals to buy

The weather wasn’t great, and the wind did have a little effect. You can see that our numbers are a little down from our previous tests with the Nike Vapor Jet 2.0 gloves. That is why we do the barehanded test every time. We can then compare the difference because if we are having a bad day, or the weather is affected the results, they will for both the gloved and un-gloved attempts.

The results speak for themselves. Again we are much better off wearing these gloves than barehanded. We were 34% move successful in catching and holding on to the football while wearing the Adidas gloves.

The verdict is that the gloves look and feel great. They help you catch the ball. They are not quite as tacky as some other gloves and there is anecdotal evidence that they break down quickly, but we didn’t notice any change after one day of use.

Queen Size Futon

The queen size futon is a piece of furniture that many have learned to appreciate. Unlike other smaller futons around, this one is able to accommodate far more people and can be a good addition to any room you have. Additionally, there are also many other advantages in getting them. Let’s take a look at some of them.

  • Cost effective. Being able to get something that has a dual purpose but is a single item is sure to save you a lot of money. The fact is the normal queen size bed is a lot more expensive and so are quality sofas. The combination of these two on the futon mattress makes them very efficient.
  • Maintenance. They are also easier to keep in good condition when compared to the normal beds. They don’t require turning regularly and simple maintenance will be enough.
  • Usefulness. There is no limit to the places you can make use of these futons. You can place them practically anywhere you want in your home without problem.

However, not all futons are created equal, so if you’re looking for something that can cover each of the above points then you need to do a little research first. Here are some purchase tips.

One of the first things you should take into consideration is how much room you need available when the futon isn’t in use. If space isn’t an issue and you want something that’s easier to convert into bed mode, you can go for the bi fold futon for which you will have to buy a best folding mattress. On the other hand, if you have a small room and need to make the most of what space you have available, you can instead opt for the tri fold futon.

Another important thing to remember is the kind of futon frame to get. If you’re looking for a futon mattress that will last you a long time, then you really need to get one that has a quality frame. Hardwood is always a solid option, but can also cost more as well. If you go with metal, make sure the frame you pick out is strong and sturdy.

The kind of mattress is also something that you should remember. This will have a big effect on the kind of comfort that you can get from these pieces. There are different materials that you can find when it comes to these pieces. Wool and cotton are known to be the softer ones whereas the talalay latex mattress and foam mattresses ones are more firm in nature.

There are many options when it comes to the actual decoration and style of your futon. You can match it with your room by picking out a corresponding color theme based on the colors of the bed frame and the mattress. Another major aspect of customizing your futon is done by futon covers. Whether you go for plain or patterned covers, there are hundreds of design styles and variations available for you to choose from.

A queen size futon is a great option if you need to save space while still having a good amount of room for sleeping or lounging around. Futons are cost effective and easy to setup and use, making it a very versatile and appealing piece of furniture.

Grilled Pork in the Garden

We make it a point to have a sleepover at my parents’ house once a month. We usually leave the house of my in-laws on a Saturday afternoon then we would stop by the grocery store before proceeding to my parents’ place. It is about a 30-minute ride from our house now but we do not often go there because we have work and we usually close shop around 7pm. So it is pretty late.

Anyway, when Sunday comes, we usually eat in our garage that is shaded by a verdant mango tree. Its branches are all over that it covers a big chunk of our big lot. Then my Tatay would grill pork. My husband and I love this. My mother would find the choicest slices and then just add salt. Yep, she does not marinate them because we want to be able to taste the natural flavor of the pork, not the marinade. So that is why, it has to be the choicest pork, young and tender.

My husband and I would then have our sawsawan (dipping sauce) made of a combination of soy sauce, kalamansi, salt, and some spicy vinegar. Wow! This is a simple grilled pork recipe but that would really make a lot of rice disappear!

I am making this post because we are supposed to go there this Sunday but we could not because that is the start of the DVBS in our church and my mother is one of the facilitators. She will need to do a lot of marketing for that. So anyway, we will be missing this.

Fried Ice Cream

The concept of fried ice cream is intriguing because we all know that ice cream is frozen and our concept of frying is on a hot pan with boiling oil. But fried ice cream is not exactly “fried” on a hot pan but rather on a freezing pan. A food handler then stirs and stirs it until it is all frozen and can be rolled.

Anyway, last time I shared here that we had fried ice cream for dessert for the father’s day celebration with my father. Here are two of the flavors that we got. Mine was on the left, cheese with butterscotch dip and white heart chocolate, my parents shared a cup with vanilla ice cream, strawberry dip, and strawberry sticks. Dennis had bubblegum with some other dip that I don’t understand. LOL This cup costs P30 each and for more toppings, you can pay as much as P45. But I tell you, it is gonna be really sweet!


We love the concept and the product. The problem here is they only have one “fryer” so they only fry one flavor at a time. So that means only one order at a time, unless the two of you have ordered the same flavor. If they could have two fryers then the two personnel who are doing the flavoring will not have to wait so much for the next cup…and so won’t the people. Here is the queue when we went there. Notice the yellow SM Supermarket sign at the upper left hand corner? That is how long the queue is.


Here is the inside of the booth. I do not even have a lot of space to take a photo. And I don’t want them to step aside for me, I want to capture how it is to order there at 6pm on a Saturday–the eve of Father’s Day.


I am not really sure why so many people are piling up fro Fried Ice Cream. It could be any of these reasons:
1. Flavor and toppings
2. Novelty
3. Takes so much time to prepare
Or it could be all of the above. LOL

Miguelito’s Fried Ice Cream is located at the south side, SM City Bacolod, beside Kuppa or across Chow King.

Ading’s Pala-Pala Seafood Restaurant is Now Serving Bacolod City

The entrance to Ading’s Pala-pala Seafood Restaurant in Bacolod City.

Tonight, we were invited to the opening of Ading’s Pala-Pala Seafood Restaurant and Bar along San Juan Street, Bacolod City. The only direction that we got was that it was in front of the old Pala-pala area–the famous seafood market in the city.

Well, we thought that would not be hard to find. But what we saw when we got there blew our minds. The place is huge!!! Literally. And it was brightly-lit, like a beacon in what was once a dark road beset with problematic (for lack of a better word) elements.

The spacious “lobby” where it feels so free to choose the seafood that you fancy.

When we went inside, we were greeted at what felt like a foyer where you can choose fresh seafood and have them cooked however you like–tinolakinilawinihaw, etc. To the left is the al fresco dining area. But inside was a really long air-conditioned hall that could sit up to 250 persons!

A little background about Pala-pala. It is an area here in Bacolod City located just behind the provincial government offices. During the afternoons, people go there to buy seafood but in the evenings until the wee hours, the place is bustling with activity because the roadside eateries locally known as “tulahan”, literally meaning a place where tinola (a local soup) is cooked, are open. People would buy fresh seafood from the market and they would bring it to the tulahan to cook. The owners earn from the preparation and cooking charges as well as the rice and drinks that they serve. Going there is quite an adventure, as you buy your seafood in the wet market, bring your purchase, and have them cooked.

Fresh catch of the day.

The problem is, the sanitation in the tulahans may be questionable. There are no decent restrooms and lavatories. And the place is quite dark and the stench can be a bit nasty, too.

That is the reason why I said that Ading’s Pala-pala is like a beacon in the area–brightly lit, spacious, organized, with a large air-conditioned area, and is manned by three chefs in the kitchen who have their own specialties. There is a children’s playroom and kids have their own high chairs! It is a great place to bring the whole family.

Ading’s Pala-pala serves ala carte meals and welcomes functions big and small, but the essence of pala-pala dining remains–you can still buy seafood from the market and bring it to their restaurant for preparation and just pay the corresponding cooking fees. Or you can choose from their fresh seafood offerings. The difference is that you get to dine in a cozy and clean restaurant with good service.

I think that Ading’s Pala-pala is a refreshing new place that Bacolodnons and visitors should visit.

The al fresco dining area.

The air-conditioned dining area.

Part of the buffet tonight.

Negrense bloggers with Ading’s Pala-pala owner, Mr. Ricky Trinidad.

A Cool Inipit Cakes Creation For Hot Days

When I was in the US many seasons ago, I often frequented an ice cream store that sold not just scoops of ice cream but ice cream creations where you get to pick the flavor(s) of ice cream as well as the ingredients that you want to put in. Then they mix it in front of you and serve it in a cup lined with a sugar cone. I often included cake slices in my cup because I just love cake.

And that is exactly what I did with my fluffy, chocolate-flavored Inipit. I made an ice cream creation on this hot and humid afternoon for my kids’ snacks. And well, I guess you know how they received it. Indeed, ang “Sarap maging kid with Inipit!” Here’s the recipe:

My creation — Cool It Choco-Vanilla Inipit.

Cool It Choco-Vanilla Inipit

1 Inipit chocolate
Vanilla ice cream
Coarsely crushed roasted cashew nuts
Chocolate syrup
Small marshmallows (optional)

The four ingredients that you will need. I used cashew because we are just crazy about this nut.

Preparing the things that I need.

Making this cool creation is as simple as mixing the ice cream and the cake.

1. Slice the Inipit into squares.
2. Scoop some ice cream onto a plate or big bowl and add the Inipit slices. Add the marshmallows if desired.
3. Using a spatula, mix the ice cream and cake (and marshmallows) well (or you may want to leave the cake chunky). You may add more ice cream or cake, depending on the consistency that you desire.
4. Scoop these onto your serving bowls and freeze, covered, for about 30 minutes before serving so that the ice cream and cake will hold together.
5. Serve with the crushed cashew nuts, some more Inipit slices, and then drizzle with chocolate syrup on top.

Naturally, this was a hit with my little one who likes both ice cream and cake.

My big girl just came home from her DVBS and I asked her if she wanted a bowl, too. Surprisingly, she said yes and finished it! She said, “Mom, you make the best snacks!” Isn’t that heartwarming?

My eldest daughter, who is not really fond of ice cream, finished the two scoops that I gave her. My little one also finished two scoops! That was their snack for today–filling, delicious, and definitely refreshing in this heat.

Tip: You can opt to use different flavored ice creams and mix and match them with the different flavored Inipit cakes available in your supermarket. You may also want to add fruits or candy sprinkles. Use colorful serving bowls and cups, as these are such a delight for the kids. Enjoy because there is #NoLimitWithInipit!

Date Night and Shawarma Craving Satisfied

For about three weeks now, I had been craving for shawarma. But I have not gone out of my way to get one. I dunno why.

Instead, we reserved our Friday night for our monthly date night. Last month, December, hubby and I went to Mushu. And tonight, we went to Shawarma Habibi located at the Hi-Strip 4 Bldg., along Circumferential Road, behind Lopue’s East Centre. I chatted with the owner Tess Tingala and she said yeah, if we go there, we can be satisfied and not have to shell out so much.

The filling Sizzling shawarma.

Hubby ordered the chicken kebab because he wanted to eat rice. It is available in a single skewer meal (P70) and a double-skewer set (P115). Of course, I ordered a large-sized beef shawarma habihi for P75. We also had the sizzling shawarma for only P120–a sizzling plate full of layered sliced vegetables, sliced pita bread, bit of barbecued beef, and topped with egg. It was fun and filling to eat. Actually, if I had known about it, that would have been my only order because that was already a meal in itself.

Chicken kebabs

My yummy large beef shawarma with lots of spicy and garlic sauce.

I am so happy with our dinner tonight. My shawarma craving was satisfied and yet we didn’t have to spend much. Hubby and I enjoyed our time together just eating, discussing, and getting inspired with all sorts of ideas. It was a great and productive evening at a very budget-friendly price. Our total meal (without drinks) was only P265 and we were already stuffed.

Outside Shawarma Habibi.

Incidentally, I learned that the Hi-Strip 4 is like the lair of international cuisine. That was our first time in that area. There’s Vietnamese, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and Thai, as well as other good eats. We will have to come back again next time and visit the many different offerings there. At least now we know that if we have a hankering for a particular cuisine, we know where to go. 

Blogging About Food

Blogging about food doesn’t seem as appetizing as it was. Looking at my collection of food pictures, I feel like throwing up instead of getting inspired to write and blog about them. Ugh!

So sorry, I am not sure if I will be able to really blog nicely about food in the coming months, my apologies. Hopefully, this feeling will pass soon enough for me to write about one thing that I love—food!

Well, that is just one of the developments in my life right now.

Best Throwing Knives

Well this is a question that you may have in mind once you are reading this, however I am very sorry to disappoint you and tell you; sorry, it all depends.

You see, what the best is throwing knife for you is not necessarily the best throwing knife for me. The deciding factor in all of this is what we are planning to do with the knives when we buy them. If you have a kid and you are planning to get that kid some throwing knives for his birthday and you are looking for the best there is then you may want to reconsider.

Why you may ask?

Because kids will lose them or critically damage them possibly the very same day you hand it to them. So it would make sense to buy some relatively cheap ones in bulk (like these ones) rather than buy the best of the best top of the line stuff (like these ones). Lets say that you bought about 10 of them. On the first go you give him like 3 and tell him to take good care of them, and then after they are inevitably lost or badly damaged you give him 3 more and tell him to try taking better care of this set.( of which he will)… and you gage accordingly base on how things work out with the second set.

The message here is this, before thinking of what type of throwing knife you want in terms of it looking nice and shinny and sleek and sexy, think about what exactly you are going to do with the knives after you purchase them. Try thinking of the various elements you may expose the knives to, because people generally do not understand that the humidity in the immediate environment that you continually expose the knives to increases the rate at which it gets damaged, among other things.

Now that we have establish that, let me hasten to say that what you are about to read is not the be all end all before you make purchase your throwing knife. This is information from my own personal experiences having throwing knives from I was 6 years old ( I started out with the bread knife at that age) in addition to some research on my own.

Quality over quantity

I wasn’t going to say anything about this, but something just struck me and then I thought that probably some people need a friendly reminder that you get what you pay for.

If you stock up yourself with a lot of cheap knives you are actually going to end up spending more money in the long run that if you just get the best there is from the get go.

1. Cheap knives get damaged quickly. So you will have to end up buying a next set very soon.

2. Cheap knives do not give you the best experience as a knife thrower, so you will possibly not realize the full potential of your technique and skills if you do not throw the best throwing knives on the market.


Ok, ok, so some people may be on a budget. Well, I still would NOT recommend you go with a cheap knife. It just leads to more regret frustration and it just doesn’t work out. Take for instance these people who purchased this knife right here and ended up complaining like and angry mob rather than just looking around on the next pages to see better stuff which are just about $5 dollars more and totally worth the extra penny. So yes you are on a budget, but sometimes you have to look beyond your budget and look at the overall physical value and peace of mind that you will get if you just compromise a little bit.


When looking to get the best throwing knives for yourself you also have to take into consideration these two things:

1. Do you have any ambition go into any competition?

2. Or are you just looking for knives to throw for fun?

Well either way my answer will remain virtually the same. You have to make sure that you have the best throwing knives in whatever you are doing. If you are just looking to throw for fun then you want this fun to last as long as possible and you want to get the most out of you money spent. So why waste time buy something that will inevitably limit your fun time… it just doesn’t make sense man.

And as a reminder please remember that for knives to enter an internationally approved competition they have to be between 12 inches to 14 inches long.

The Actual Throwing Knives Themselves

Ok so we have created the framework and mindset that you should be in when looking for a nice set of throwing knives. Now we can look at the actual throwing knives themselves.

The Steel

One of the most important things you absolutely have to take into consideration is the type of steel that makes these knives. Generally though throwing knives are made with stainless steel and you will rarely find any good quality knife made from any lesser material.

Stainless steel makes the knife appears really nice with the shinny appearance that it presents with. However the best features of the stainless steel is that it is has tremendous resistance to corrosion and they are very durable metals alloys. This features are very good to have in a set of throwing knives when you consider the amount of time that they will be thrown and the wear and tear that can affect the knife point and blade.

The Resilience

It is also important to note that stainless steel alloys that are used to make the high quality throwing knivescontain approximately 13% chromium content. Without boring you with chemistry lets just say that the chromium content is the main active ingredient that keeps the wet humid conditions that the knives may be exposed to from rusting away your blade and point.

The Abrasion Resistance

Stainless steel is naturally abrasive resistant. Do you know what a pot is?

Well of course you do, well majority of the shinny pots are made from stainless steel and if you think of how you sometimes hit, knock, and sometimes maybe even throw these pots and they do not show any major dents then you know that the martial that makes them is very strong so you can rest assure that throwing knives made from stainless steel material are very resistant abrasion.

This is an important feature of the knife as it will hold its edges and stay smooth so that it doesn’t diminish your overall throwing experience.

The more abrasive resistant the knife the longer its life span.

The Blade

Personally I just plain straight prefer double bladed throwing knives rather than the single blade ones.

For some strange reason I just feel more balanced and I do not have any doubts that once the blade comes into contact with the surface it will stick.

Single blade throwing knives are awesome too, and they are loved by many people especially this very popular one that throwers seem to love and also has a very high rating as shown right here.

The Handle

My advice on the handle is that I prefer handles that are continuous with the blade of the knife. Meaning, I do not particularly like knives that have cord grips. My reason is that the grip gets worn out very easily if you are doing a lot of throwing. When this happens depending on the amount of cord that was used to make the knife handle it can throw of the balance of the knife. Also it just doesn’t feel comfortable when you are throwing and the handle starts to come off piece by piece in your hand.

You have some manufactures/knife makers who through research and testing go overboard on the making of ergonomically more efficient handles. Gill Hibben has made a huge name for himself making knives in many different industries over the years. His knives have come in Rambo movies and many other popular movies on the big screen. One of his inventions in the throwing knives industry is his trigger grip throwing knife. This knife has a little curved section at the bottom of the handle where the index finger is supposed to fit snug so that it makes it easy for a handle thrower. I have talked about it already so you can read about it right here.

Another piece of advice on the handle is that it should not account for most of the overall weight distribution of the knife if you are a handle thrower, and especially if you are a non-spin thrower. What will happen is that when the knife leaves your hand the handle will tend to want to start the rotation prematurely. This will throw off your technique and make it more difficult to get the knife to stick in its target. This can prove to be very frustrating for a new thrower.

The Length of The Knife

Coming from the handle it is very fitting that I move right into Knife Length.

The best throwing knives you will experience in terms of manipulation, flight and ability to stick are the longer throwing knives, simply put. The longer the knife usually the heavier it weighs, and the heavier it weighs the more control a thrower will have in calculating and predicting the amount of spin it will make before impact and ultimately this increases precision.

It is harder to calculate the number of spins of a shorter knife because it may be spinning much faster than the longer knife. Because of this the shorter knife may not stick into its target as often as the longer knife as the handle may hit the target rather than the point.

It is also important to note that a shorter knife is also even less accurate when throwing over longer distances because the wind may have a greater effect on its flight path than with the longer heavier knife where it would take a stronger wind to steer it wide of its target.  Here is a long knife that I would recommend if you are looking for something of value for money.