There are different ways to curl your hair. You should use the best curling ironto get a hair curl or best flat iron for black hair to straighten your hair. Not only the techniques are different, the products and tools are also different. The best way to curl your hair depends upon the type of hair or the time you need to spend with your hair curls.

Here are the curling tips we generally follow  

  • Suitable tool
  • Right temperature
  • Perfect touch
  • Hair completely dry
  • Brush out tangles
  • Splitting hair into sections

Finding suitable tool for job

Unwinding hair locks from an iron, not having pleasant appearance is very annoying. For an easy curl along with natural wave try with a suitable curl iron. Straighten your hair properly. Every iron has a different look and purpose. Choose one of them as per the need. If you want bigger and looser curls, you are going to need different iron.

Right temperature

Many commercial curl irons operate between 400 to 450 degrees F. The suitable temperature for a curl iron is between 350 to 375 degrees F. There is no need to add excessive heat to thick locks of hair because it can make the hair singe fringe or dry out.

For this purpose, you should choose a ceramic plated iron providing more protection rather than gold plated iron.

Perfect touch

Pay attention on how your hairdresser is using the curl iron. If less hair is wrapped, it will produce a tighter curl, large irons can cover more hairs at a time and you are getting looser locks.

Ensure that your hair is completely dry

If you put a hot iron on damp hair, it will be damaged because the iron is very hot resulting water to steam. Before using curl iron, make hair dry with hair-dryer.

The time taken to dry the hair depends on the thickness of your hair. Keep the hair dryer by selecting cool settings.

Brush out tangles

You should brush out tangles before the iron heats up. Start from the end of your hair and brush out the some hair at the bottom part. Then brush your completely along the entire length of the hair. This reduces the damage made to the hair like split ends.

Splitting your hair into sections

If you have thin hair, you should work with small sections. In this way, you will get curls with uniform styles. You should clip up the section of the hair. Use thumb to grab everything above top of your ears and clip it up on top of the head. Then release the upper section of the hair as you work. Then descend-down gradually releasing more hairs. Continue with the process until your hair becomes curled.

These are the six fashion tips you should follow using the best curling iron. The curl iron has different makes and purpose to suit different hair types and fashion requirements.