Bacolod’s Best Desserts

Bacolod is the land of the sweetest smiles and the sweetest desserts. Here I present to you the best Bacolod desserts that I have ever tried…so far.

Bacolod restaurant - Tiffany's Confections - Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake
Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake by Tiffany’s Confections.

What are your favorite Bacolod desserts? 

Bacolod City is the capital of Negros Occidental, the sugar capital of the Philippines. We love our sugar and all things sweet, as we even add sugar into our viands.

And as for our Bacolod desserts, we have the sweetest and some of the most creative kinds that will make your mouth water. We all crave for our postre after our meal, as no meal is complete without a sweet ending. So you can take away our plates but leave our forks behind, as a pastry or cake is the finale of sumptuous lunch or dinner. And oh, we also eat desserts as snacks.

Here are my top favorite Bacolod desserts in no particular order, some found in Bacolod cafes while others are made by home businesses. All of them are exceptionally made and oozing with flavor. Please share if you agree with mine and if you have your own choices, too. Let me read your thoughts by commenting below. 😀

Tiffany’s Confections

Tiffany’s Confections has a cafe at The Boxes by the Marketplace, near the NGC, Bacolod City. But they make small batches of unique artisanal cakes and Bacolod desserts. One that really stood out for me is their Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake. It’s so unique in terms of flavor and texture. Every chocolate lover should try this. They are open daily, from 2pm to 10pm. They are located at Deck #3, The Boxes.

Tiffany's Confections - Bacolod restaurant - Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake
The heavenly Chocolate Hazelnut Cheesecake by Tiffany’s Confections.

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe, from its name, specializes in designer cupcakes. And they have a lot of kinds. But what stands out for me, which has been my favorite for many years now, is the Dulce de Leche cupcake. It’s moist chiffon cake with dulce de leche inside topped with sweetened whipped cream. They are located at Hilado Street, Shopping, Bacolod City. Open daily from 10am to 7pm.

Bacolod Cupcake Cafe - Bacolod restaurant - Dulce de Leche cupcake
Dulce de Leche cupcake by Bacolod Cupcake Cafe


Felicia’s is a haven of best Bacolod desserts plus it is also a good place to dine with your family and friends. You can read more about their food here: FELICIA’S 15th LACSON: GREAT MEALS, COFFEE, DESSERTS. But as for desserts, my favorite there are their Salted Caramel Sans Rival, which is truly without rival, and their salted caramel and lemon French macarons. They have three branches, 15th-Lacson Streets, SM City Bacolod, and 6th-Lacson Streets.

Felicia's - Bacolod restaurant - salted caramel sans rival
Salted caramel sans rival by Felicia’s. Look at those layers of meringue.
Felicia's - Bacolod restaurant - best French macarons
Lemon and salted caramel French macarons at Felicia’s.

21 Restaurant

21 Restaurant is known for its good food here in Bacolod so a lot of people go there for lunch and dinner or during snacks for their batchoy. Their outstanding dessert there is their moist chocolate cake. Located at 21st-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City. They are open everyday and this chocolate cake is also available with their buffet menu.

21 Restaurant - Bacolod restaurant - moist chocolate cake
Moist chocolate cake by 21 Restaurant.

Nonna’s Kitchen

Nonna’s Kitchen is another great Bacolod restaurant, cafe, and pastry shop rolled into one. Their menu of Bacolod desserts is glorious! And their standout is their special Pizookie, a giant cookie served ala mode on a hot pan. This is good for sharing. Plus, try their other cakes, too. I have rave about their desserts in my other blog because they are just worth it. Read more: Desserts and Coffees to Enjoy at NONNA’S KITCHEN Bacolod

Nonna's Kitchen - Bacolod restaurant
Pizookie ala mode by Nonna’s Kitchen.
Nonna's Kitchen - Bacolod restaurant
Assorted Bacolod desserts at Nonna’s Kitchen namely, calamansi bar, pecan bar, ube cake, chocolate cake that has the strongest chocolate kick I’ve ever tried, and the yema cake.

Ann Puen Cakes

Ann Puen Cakes are homemade and her ube cake is just one of the finest. With pure ube halaya (candied purple yam) as frosting, this is just what ube lovers crave. It is just full of the flavor of ube, so it is just pure love. You may order Ann Puen Cakes at (034) 435-6900 and (0922) 8500746 and then you can just meet up. Follow their FB page:

Ann Puen ube cake
Ann Puen ube cake

C’s Cafe by L’Fisher

C’s Cafe by L’fisher Hotel has a lot of sweet confections, another haven of Bacolod desserts. Two of the stand outs for me are their Creme Brulee Cheesecake (which I don’t have a decent picture of) and their Vanilla ice cream sandwich because of the chocolate chip cookies. But I also like their churros con chocolate. Okay, you may argue that it’s not really dessert, but I do eat that after a meal with coffee. haha C’s Cafe is located at the front of L’Fisher Hotel, 15th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City.

C's Cafe - Bacolod cafe - vanilla ice cream sandwich
Vanilla ice cream sandwich by C’s Cafe.
C's Cafe by L'Fisher - Bacolod cafe - creme brulee cheesecake
The creme brulee cheesecake at C’s Cafe by L’Fisher is a must-try.
C's Cafe - Bacolod cafe - churros
Churros con chocolate by C’s Cafe.

Quan Delicacies

Quan Delicacies specializes in native foods. They have snacks and meals as well. What I really like is their suman latik and whenever I get a hankering for this native dessert/snack, I just go to them. They have so many branches around the city, like at MC Metroplex, La Salle Avenue, San Juan Street, and Circumferential Road.

Quan Delicacies - Bacolod restaurant - suman latik
Suman latik by Quan Delicacies.

Bagels by ELG Foods

ELG Foods has some of the most luxurious Bacolod desserts. But I think that their stand out and just simply one of their best creations is the avocado mousse. It’s so creamy, fine, and simply that — luxurious. It’s available at Bagels by ELG Foods, O Residences, Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City.

Bagels by ELG Foods - Bacolod restaurant - avocado mousse
Avocado Mousse by ELG Foods.

Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon Haus

Tita Beth’s has been made famous because of their delicious pancit malabon in a bilao. They also have great meals there. But what a lot of people don’t know is that they have native delicacies, too, like the cassava cake, sapin-sapin, and the maja blanca. These are some of the richest native foods I have tried. Try them, too. They are located at 27th-Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City. Read more: TITA BETH’S PANCIT MALABON Serves Filipino Favorites

Tita Beth's Pancit Malabon Haus - Bacolod restaurant
Native delicacies at Tita Beth’s Pancit Malabon Haus.

Cake Castle

Cake Castle is located along Lopez-Jaena Street, Bacolod City. They have other cakes and desserts and they also accept customized event cakes, but what I really like is their Brazo de Mercedes. Reasonably priced, yummy, and the yellow center is really creamy and custardy. Just try it. haha

Cake Castle - Bacolod cakes - brazo de mercedes
Brazo de Mercedes by Cake Castle

JJC Nutritreats

JJC Nutritreats is a home-based business that specializes in Bacolod desserts, healthy eats, pure juices, and snacks for breastfeeding mothers. I really love their Carrot Cake. It’s super moist and sweet, and with buttercream frosting. Sigh… One time, it was my husband’s birthday cake. Read here: All About His Favorites. They also have mini cheesecake samplers that you might want to order as gifts for Christmas. Read more: Mini Cheesecake Sampler by JJC Nutritreats. You may order their yummy products from their FB page: Only available for sure buyers and meet ups.

JJC Nutritreats - Bacolod healthy desserts - carrot cake
Carrot cake by JJC Nutritreats.

Juliana’s Resto

Juliana’s Resto serves some fine meals for the whole family. I have only tried one dessert so I don’t know if there’s more. It’s just Frozen Mango Float actually but before you tell me that it’s so common, you just gotta try it. It’s not like anything I have tried before and not even like the one I make. Juliana’s Resto is located at 7th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City and they are open from Tuesday to Sunday, for lunch and dinner.

Juliana's Resto - Bacolod restaurant - frozen mango float
Frozen Mango Float by Juliana’s Resto.

Ms. Ching’s Kitchen

Ms. Ching’s Kitchen makes some of the finest homemade Bacolod desserts and goodies from recipes handed down from her elders. Among the stand outs are the Ube Halaya and Brazo de Mercedes. Her products are available at the 3rd Floor of Robinsons Place Bacolod. She also joins pop up bazaars around the city from time to time. Read more: Ms. Ching’s Kitchen Bacolod Tickles Taste Buds with Homemade Treats

Ms. Ching's Kitchen - ube halaya
Ube Halaya by Ms. Ching’s Kitchen.
Ms. Ching's Kitchen - brazo de mercedes
Ms. Ching’s Kitchen has also great Brazo de Mercedes.

Bascon Cafe

I super love the baba cake at Bascon Cafe that I even have a separate blog post about it. haha I am not a chocolate cake lover but this one really hits the spot. And it would be the only thing that I would order whenever I get to dine at Bascon Cafe. They have many Bacolod desserts, but this is the best for me. Read more: The Glorious Baba Cake of Bascon Cafe

Bascon Cafe - Bacolod restaurant - baba cake
Baba cake by Bascon Cafe.

Jarvis Gourmet Foods

Jarvis Gourmet Foods has an assortment of food products, ranging from baked goodies, bottled delicacies, and Bacolod pasalubong items. But what I really like among their Bacolod desserts is the Cassavingka, which is cassava cooked bibingka-style. Jarvis Gourmet Foods is located at AC Building Molave Street, Capitol Shopping, Bacolod City. But you may message them at the FB page:

Jarvis Gourmet Foods - Bacolod desserts - cassavingka
Cassavingka by Jarvis Gourmet Foods

Bob’s Pastry Shop

One of my favorites at Bob’s Pastry Shop is their red velvet cake. So beautiful as a celebration cake and it is just highly satisfying as a snack and dessert. Look at the picture below–it does not have a lot of air bubbles so that means one slice is heavy on the cake and not just air. Bob’s Pastry Shop is located at B.S. Aquino Drive, across Riverside Hospital, Bacolod City.

Bob's Pastry Shop - Bacolod restaurant - red velvet cake
Red velvet cake by Bob’s Pastry Shop.


Kuppa is a great coffee shop serving good food, different kinds of Bacolod desserts, gourmet coffee, cakes, and even fresh breads. But among their desserts, may favorite is the Fruit Tart. Now, tell me if it is not winking at you. Located at Hilado Street, Shopping, Bacolod City. Open daily from breakfast to about 10pm.

Kuppa - Bacolod restaurant - fruit tart
Fruit tart by Kuppa

Ann Co Cakes

Ann Co makes some of the most unique cakes and I love two of them — the Toblerone cheesecake and the Mango Chocnut Cheesecake. These are two of the best Bacolod desserts I have ever tried. They have branches at the Paseo Verde Bldg., Lacson Street, Mandalagan, Bacolod City and in Rizal Street, Silay City. Read: Artful Ann Co Cakes Cafe

Ann Co Cakes - Bacolod cafe - Toblerone cheesecake
Toblerone Cheesecake by Ann Co Cakes.

Sofia’s Cakes

One of the richest chocolate cakes that I have ever tried is from Sofia’s Cakes, located at Narra Street, Shopping, Bacolod City. It’s like oozing with chocolate. They have other great cake creations as well as good quality breads, too.

Sofia's Cakes - chocolate cake - Bacolod cafe
Chocolate cake by Sofia’s Cakes.

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