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Fried Ice Cream

The concept of fried ice cream is intriguing because we all know that ice cream is frozen and our concept of frying is on a hot pan with boiling oil. But fried ice cream is not exactly “fried” on a hot pan but rather on a freezing pan. A food handler then stirs and stirs it until it is all frozen and can be rolled.

Anyway, last time I shared here that we had fried ice cream for dessert for the father’s day celebration with my father. Here are two of the flavors that we got. Mine was on the left, cheese with butterscotch dip and white heart chocolate, my parents shared a cup with vanilla ice cream, strawberry dip, and strawberry sticks. Dennis had bubblegum with some other dip that I don’t understand. LOL This cup costs P30 each and for more toppings, you can pay as much as P45. But I tell you, it is gonna be really sweet!


We love the concept and the product. The problem here is they only have one “fryer” so they only fry one flavor at a time. So that means only one order at a time, unless the two of you have ordered the same flavor. If they could have two fryers then the two personnel who are doing the flavoring will not have to wait so much for the next cup…and so won’t the people. Here is the queue when we went there. Notice the yellow SM Supermarket sign at the upper left hand corner? That is how long the queue is.


Here is the inside of the booth. I do not even have a lot of space to take a photo. And I don’t want them to step aside for me, I want to capture how it is to order there at 6pm on a Saturday–the eve of Father’s Day.


I am not really sure why so many people are piling up fro Fried Ice Cream. It could be any of these reasons:
1. Flavor and toppings
2. Novelty
3. Takes so much time to prepare
Or it could be all of the above. LOL

Miguelito’s Fried Ice Cream is located at the south side, SM City Bacolod, beside Kuppa or across Chow King.