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Grilled Pork in the Garden

We make it a point to have a sleepover at my parents’ house once a month. We usually leave the house of my in-laws on a Saturday afternoon then we would stop by the grocery store before proceeding to my parents’ place. It is about a 30-minute ride from our house now but we do not often go there because we have work and we usually close shop around 7pm. So it is pretty late.

Anyway, when Sunday comes, we usually eat in our garage that is shaded by a verdant mango tree. Its branches are all over that it covers a big chunk of our big lot. Then my Tatay would grill pork. My husband and I love this. My mother would find the choicest slices and then just add salt. Yep, she does not marinate them because we want to be able to taste the natural flavor of the pork, not the marinade. So that is why, it has to be the choicest pork, young and tender.

My husband and I would then have our sawsawan (dipping sauce) made of a combination of soy sauce, kalamansi, salt, and some spicy vinegar. Wow! This is a simple grilled pork recipe but that would really make a lot of rice disappear!

I am making this post because we are supposed to go there this Sunday but we could not because that is the start of the DVBS in our church and my mother is one of the facilitators. She will need to do a lot of marketing for that. So anyway, we will be missing this.

A Cool Inipit Cakes Creation For Hot Days

When I was in the US many seasons ago, I often frequented an ice cream store that sold not just scoops of ice cream but ice cream creations where you get to pick the flavor(s) of ice cream as well as the ingredients that you want to put in. Then they mix it in front of you and serve it in a cup lined with a sugar cone. I often included cake slices in my cup because I just love cake.

And that is exactly what I did with my fluffy, chocolate-flavored Inipit. I made an ice cream creation on this hot and humid afternoon for my kids’ snacks. And well, I guess you know how they received it. Indeed, ang “Sarap maging kid with Inipit!” Here’s the recipe:

My creation — Cool It Choco-Vanilla Inipit.

Cool It Choco-Vanilla Inipit

1 Inipit chocolate
Vanilla ice cream
Coarsely crushed roasted cashew nuts
Chocolate syrup
Small marshmallows (optional)

The four ingredients that you will need. I used cashew because we are just crazy about this nut.

Preparing the things that I need.

Making this cool creation is as simple as mixing the ice cream and the cake.

1. Slice the Inipit into squares.
2. Scoop some ice cream onto a plate or big bowl and add the Inipit slices. Add the marshmallows if desired.
3. Using a spatula, mix the ice cream and cake (and marshmallows) well (or you may want to leave the cake chunky). You may add more ice cream or cake, depending on the consistency that you desire.
4. Scoop these onto your serving bowls and freeze, covered, for about 30 minutes before serving so that the ice cream and cake will hold together.
5. Serve with the crushed cashew nuts, some more Inipit slices, and then drizzle with chocolate syrup on top.

Naturally, this was a hit with my little one who likes both ice cream and cake.

My big girl just came home from her DVBS and I asked her if she wanted a bowl, too. Surprisingly, she said yes and finished it! She said, “Mom, you make the best snacks!” Isn’t that heartwarming?

My eldest daughter, who is not really fond of ice cream, finished the two scoops that I gave her. My little one also finished two scoops! That was their snack for today–filling, delicious, and definitely refreshing in this heat.

Tip: You can opt to use different flavored ice creams and mix and match them with the different flavored Inipit cakes available in your supermarket. You may also want to add fruits or candy sprinkles. Use colorful serving bowls and cups, as these are such a delight for the kids. Enjoy because there is #NoLimitWithInipit!

Date Night and Shawarma Craving Satisfied

For about three weeks now, I had been craving for shawarma. But I have not gone out of my way to get one. I dunno why.

Instead, we reserved our Friday night for our monthly date night. Last month, December, hubby and I went to Mushu. And tonight, we went to Shawarma Habibi located at the Hi-Strip 4 Bldg., along Circumferential Road, behind Lopue’s East Centre. I chatted with the owner Tess Tingala and she said yeah, if we go there, we can be satisfied and not have to shell out so much.

The filling Sizzling shawarma.

Hubby ordered the chicken kebab because he wanted to eat rice. It is available in a single skewer meal (P70) and a double-skewer set (P115). Of course, I ordered a large-sized beef shawarma habihi for P75. We also had the sizzling shawarma for only P120–a sizzling plate full of layered sliced vegetables, sliced pita bread, bit of barbecued beef, and topped with egg. It was fun and filling to eat. Actually, if I had known about it, that would have been my only order because that was already a meal in itself.

Chicken kebabs

My yummy large beef shawarma with lots of spicy and garlic sauce.

I am so happy with our dinner tonight. My shawarma craving was satisfied and yet we didn’t have to spend much. Hubby and I enjoyed our time together just eating, discussing, and getting inspired with all sorts of ideas. It was a great and productive evening at a very budget-friendly price. Our total meal (without drinks) was only P265 and we were already stuffed.

Outside Shawarma Habibi.

Incidentally, I learned that the Hi-Strip 4 is like the lair of international cuisine. That was our first time in that area. There’s Vietnamese, Mexican, Japanese, Italian, and Thai, as well as other good eats. We will have to come back again next time and visit the many different offerings there. At least now we know that if we have a hankering for a particular cuisine, we know where to go.