CesCaramelized Bacolod DILIS and DANGGIT

Crunchy and Spicy
Caramelized Dilis and
Danggit from Bacolod

Bacolod caramelized danggit
CesCaramelized spicy danggit with pink vinegar, fried egg, and rice–truly a Filipino breakfast.

In the Philippines, a lot of people love their dried fish. It is a common local delicacy because we are an archipelago and so we are surrounded with waters teeming with a healthy marine life. That is why we have a steady supply of seafood. Those bounty from the sea that are not consumed fresh are salted and sun-dried so that they will last longer. And oh, how we love them dipped in vinegar and eaten with rice.

Dried fish have different varieties, depending on the kind of fish. Two of the most common kinds that we have are dilis and danggit. But aside from the simple version, there are also other gourmet versions. One such version is the caramelized sweet and spicy Dilis and Danggit by CesCaramelized here in Bacolod. They also have the sweet version.

Their danggit can be pulutan for happy hour, pica, or breakfast ulam! I had mine with fried egg and rice and it was swak na swak sa panlasang Pinoy (perfect for the Pinoy palate). It comes with a sweet and sour spiced pink vinegar with the packaging. But with or without the vinegar, the danggit is love. Of course, I prepared this for both my husband and myself, and we both loved our breakfast.

Bacolod Caramelized dilis
Pure caramelized dilis — you cannot see the sugar coating but it is sweet and spicy. You can order this sweet.

They also have the sweet and spicy dilis. I have eaten a lot of those sweetened dilis coated with sugar. But I have stopped eating them because most of the time, there is more sugar than the dried fish. So it’s like eating candy. But CesCaramelized dilis is pure dilis. The sugar coating is thin and cannot be seen, but you can taste it. I especially enjoy eating it as an appetizer. This is high in protein, so it is a good snack for kids, too.

The plastic tub of dilis is P100 while the rectangular container for danggit is P190. For bulk buys, it is best to place your order at least one day ahead. This is one of those great quality Bacolod foods.

Bacolod caramelized dilis and danggit
CesCaramelized Dilis and Danggit packaging.
CesCaramelized Dilis and Danggit
Sweet Crunchy or Sweet n’ Spicy
c/o ST Marketing Bacolod
San Sebastian Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
For orders, call (0922) 8330532

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