GINGER LIME DINER: Food For the Soul


If you want food that delights the soul among Bacolod restaurants, go to Ginger Lime Diner.

Ginger LIme Diner - Bacolod restaurants
Our dinner at Ginger Lime are breakfast meals..

We often eat to satisfy our need. The eating out part in Bacolod restaurants is an occasional treat to indulge ourselves. It’s like rewarding ourselves for a job well done. Or an opportunity to just bond with loved ones or spend time with friends. But at Ginger Lime, it’s both answering your primal need and treating yourself.

Ginger Lime Diner - Bacolod restaurants
Our silly little girl at Ginger Lime Diner.

Simple Dining

Ginger Lime Diner is a simple non-aircon cafe along B.S. Aquino Drive, Villamonte, Bacolod City. But it gives a homey, welcoming feel. The space is quite small for average Bacolod restaurants.

Meanwhile, the dishes are simple, some of them are upgrades of homecooking. Some of their stand outs are the chicken sisig meal, the hungarian sausage supreme, the burger steak, and their pastas. And oh, don’t forget the nachos.

Ginger Lime Diner pasta - Bacolod restaurants
Double sauce pasta — a bestseller. Photo from

The chicken sisig has been my long-time favorite, ever since they started their delivery service many years ago. You can have the chicken sisig meal for only P65 at the resto.

Ginger Lime Dinner all-day breakfast - chicken sisig - Bacolod restaurants
Chicken sisig with egg meal, P65. Photo from

I still order the frozen chicken sisig in a microwaveable container. It’s only P180 for 400 grams. I think they are the only one among the many Bacolod restaurants serving this kind of chicken sisig. You gotta try it. One time, I ordered several containers of this to serve during my husband’s birthday. I would also bring it for potluck gatherings with friends.

Ginger Lime - Bacolod restaurants - chicken sisig
Chicken sisig that I have prepared at home. Bought this frozen and prepared it at home. 😀

Eventually, they opened their first Bacolod restaurant near LCC, which they closed this year. And now, the Villamonte restaurant has just been re-opened.

Feeding the Soul

No, I’m not just saying that the food at Ginger Lime Diner is comforting enough to satisfy the soul. What I am talking are the little printouts of verses that they stick on your glass and the side of your plate.

Ginger Lime Diner - Bacolod restaurants
Verses on your plate. Before you complain it’s unsanitary, they stick the message on the side of the plate only. It doesn’t touch the food, so no worries.

The owners must have picked uplifting verses at random and the server just randomly picks up a piece of paper from a pile. Whatever message gets to you, I believe is a message to you from God.

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You may not believe in God, but good words soothe the soul, don’t they? I appreciate this gesture that they do. And I think that this is a first among Bacolod restaurants. They actually serve food for the soul along with actual food. Great touch!

Ginger Lime Diner - Bacolod restaurants
Homemade chorizo and burger steak meals.

Great Value for Money

Needless to say, food at Ginger Lime Diner is very affordable. It is among the Bacolod restaurants serving value for money meals. The place is perfect for the budget-conscious professional or student. Their all-day breakfast meals are surely enough. The rice that comes with the meal is also very big.

Ginger Lime Diner all-day breakfast - Bacolod restaurants
Hungarian meal with egg — Hungarian sausage smothered in red and white sauces. Yum! Only P125.

Aside from the meals, they have hot and cold coffees as well as other cold beverages.

Ice Cream Creations

At Ginger Lime, they have mean ice cream creations that are very affordable. They have mudpie (P90), strawverry (P90), choco caramel swirld (P90), cheesy ube (P90), and peach mango float (P95). Totally worth it! I especially like the peach mango float–so many peach slices!

Ginger LIme Diner - ice cream creations - Bacolod restaurants
Mudpie – only P90.

I think it is safe to say that ice cream creations may be shared. There are several scoops in each serving! That’s a whole lot of sugar and calories from the ice cream alone! haha But if you have PMS, these are perfect.

Ginger Lime Diner - Bacolod restaurants - peach mango float
Peace mango float, P95.

Great Service

The staff at Ginger Lime Diner are courteous and friendly. They may not be five-star servers, but they are accommodating and exude warmth in their service. I always enjoy service with a smile. 🙂

Ginger Lime Diner

B.S. Aquino Drive,
Bacolod City, Negros Occidental
Open Monday to Saturday
7am to 10pm
All day breakfast meals available




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