Merzci Pasalubong Talisay

And it’s finally here — Merzci Pasalubong Talisay grand opening today. Lots of Bacolod pasalubong items on sale. Located at Zone 12, Talisay City.

Merzci pasalubong Talisay - Bacolod pasalubong
Merzci concept store in Talisay.

4-Concept Store

Merzci opened its big, four-concept store in Talisay City, Negros Occidental, Philippines. The Bacolod pasalubong counter will immediately greet you as you enter the store.

It boasts of the following features:

  • Merzci Pasalubong

  • Merzci Bakeshop

  • Merzci Restaurant

  • Merzci Bakeoff

Merzci pasalubong - Bacolod pasalubong
The clean restaurant soon filled up with people as soon as Merzci Talisay was opened.

This strong local brand now boasts of 53 branches in the province. This is their second branch in Talisay and the biggest one at that. It was formally opened today, November 24 2017 with lots of revelry.


As with all their store openings events, Merzci pasalubong has a standard program flow. The day starts with a motorcade around the area. It is followed by the much-awaited siopao eating contest where locals compete at eating as many siopaos as they can in four minutes. Many people joined because even non-winners took home prizes of Bacolod pasalubong boxes. The winner today finished a total of three whole siopaos.


He went home with boxes of Bacolod pasalubong by Merzci.

Watch the Merzci siopao-eating contest in the video below.

While waiting for the program to start, there was a Bring Me Game. The participants won some packs of Merzci Pasalubong piaya and other Bacolod pasalubong items.

Merzci pasalubong - Bacolod pasalubong
Bring me game winners won some packs of piaya.


The occasion was graced by Dr. Frances Mae Llamas, the Executive Assistant for Economic Development and Investment Promotion of Talisay City. She gave the opening remarks where she said that Talisay City is very happy about Merzci’s expansion in their city.

There is then a dedication ceremony. It was led by Ptr. Elvin Singson of Trinity Christian Fellowship who blessed the business and prayed for the staff.

Merzci pasalubong - Bacolod pasalubong
Ribbon cutting to formally open the Talisay branch.

CM & Sons CEO Jonathan Manuel Lo and his son Jeremy cut the ceremonial ribbon. They were assisted by some guests and the management committee of Merzci Pasalubong. That signified the formal opening of the Merzci Talisay branch.

The event was hosted by Femmy Magbanua, Merzci Marketing Manager.

Buy One Take One

During the opening day of every branch, people lined up for the promo. Some Bacolod pasalubong items are bundled and sold buy one take one. The items included are Merzci pasalubong biscocho, pulceras, ugoy-ugoy, pita bread, toasted mamon, and piaya, among others.

Merzci pasalubong - Bacolod pasalubong
Some of the Merzci pasalubong buy one take one bundles.

For this store opening, Merzci Pasalubong has prepared more than 2,000 bundles. And only one hour after the event, the stocks are already running low because this promo is always a hit. To ensure that many people can avail of the promo, each person is only allowed to purchase 10 bundles at one time. Well, what can we say, Bacolod pasalubong items from Merzci are always a hit!

What to Expect

The Merzci Talisay has a bakeshop and Bacolod pasalubong center out front. There is also a counter for Merzci Pasalubong hot piaya.

Moreover, they bake some breads at the shop. You can get your hot pandesal here anytime everyday.

Merzci pasalubong - Bacolod pasalubong
Lovely ladies ready to serve.

Additionally, the Merzci restaurant is inside. They serve short orders, hot meals, and refreshments. The restaurant is air conditioned yet the food is so affordable. Even students can afford them. Merzci Pasalubong also has a clean rest room so diners can really be comfortable here.

Function Room

Merzci has been changing their concept stores little by little. So while they built their brand as a Bacolod restaurant and Bacolod pasalubong store, they are fast becoming a one-stop shop. Now, they can cater small to medium gatherings in their air conditioned function room. You can hold birthday parties here and order Merzci birthday cakes as well.

A Place for Travelers

Travelers in Talisay no longer need to go to Bacolod just to buy Bacolod pasalubong. It’s all here at Merzci Talisay where they also offer boxing services.

So Talisaynons, get your Merzci pasalubong boxes here.

Merzci pasalubong boxes - Bacolod pasalubong
Merzci pasalubong boxes all filled with yummy Bacolod pasalubong treats.

Merzci Talisay

Bonifacio St., Zone 12, Talisay City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open from 5:30AM to 8PM
Monday to Sunday
Tel. No. (034) 7126303

Merzci Tour Bus

Meanwhile, the Merzci tour bus is available for tour rentals. You may contact the marketing department for details. They have two buses, a small one and this big 56-seated bus.

Merzci pasalubong - Bacolod pasalubong
Merzci tour bus. It can seat up to 56 passengers and is available for rent for big groups.

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