Chronicles of my Eating and Cooking Adventures

Wow! That is a mouthful of title.

I am an avid eater and I like to cook. Most of what I do is nothing fancy or gourmet. But everything is edible.

I like good food and I am an appreciative eater.

So I think that it is high time for me to start my own blog about cooking. After all, my baby is growing and I will be coming up with new dishes for her to match her growing physical needs. I think that this is a great way, too, to record my cooking and my recipes because I like to experiment and I like to use whatever is available in our cupboard. That is why sometimes I could no longer remember what I used.

I may mention establishments, brands, etc., as long as they are pertinent to my topic.

Well, welcome to my cooking blog. What sets it apart from the many blogs out there? Well, IT IS MINE. weeee!