Cs by Night: A Taste of France in Bacolod

Cs by Night by L’Fisher Hotel

Cs by Night is by far the most unique concept among Bacolod restaurants. It is relaxation al fresco along the finer street of Bacolod while enjoying your favorite apéritif.

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
Cs by Night — the newest concept among Bacolod restaurants to hit town.

Fresh Concept

The opening of Cs by Night is a wonderful new concept at L’Fisher Hotel Bacolod. It brings the level of Bacolod restaurants several notches higher. While it’s pastry shop, Cs Cafe, has been making waves because of its French pastries, cakes, and breads, this new outdoor dining concept is a refreshing new twist.

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
You cannot find this spread anywhere else by Cs by Night.

You may say that dining al fresco is not entirely a fresh idea among Bacolod restaurants because we sure have a lot non aircon eating joints in the city. But this is different. Totally different. Worlds apart even.

Little France

As its name suggests, Cs by Night only opens at night. They start serving at 6pm, when the sun has already comfortably set in the west. Since the cafe is facing the east, you will not get a glimpse of the sunset here–just the sudden onset of dusk. And it is just perfect for their setting.

That is when they light up the front area of Cs Cafe, including the 7-foot replica of the Eiffel Tower that is prominently displayed in front. Soft instrumental music starts to play. It is the only one among all Bacolod restaurants that has the Eiffel Tower as its centerpiece. So it only means one thing — photo opp!

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
The facade of Cs by Night.

Yes, Cs by Night is Instagram-worthy. And it is not just the place. The offerings will surely land in a lot of social media posts.

This new Bacolod restaurants concept is the brainchild of Chef Denis Laumône, executive pastry chef of Cs Cafe and L’Fisher Hotel. Since he is a full-blooded Frenchman, he has introduced authentic French tastes to the Ilonggo palate. And because of his roots, we now have Cs by Night–your little France in Bacolod. He is thankful that the management of L’Fisher Hotel is willing to work with him in bringing novel ideas in the city.

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
Chef Denis with his new concept – Cs by Night.

The novel idea that is Cs by Night caters to different folks who would like to eat out but not necessarily dine. You could be waiting for your formal dinner and would like wine and some cheeses to open your appetite. Or you don’t want a heavy meal but would like to spend time with friends over good spirits. Or you just want a night cap. Cs by Night is the place for you. You cannot find this service in other Bacolod restaurants.

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
Cold cuts platter. You can have different kinds on your platter. It is served with French baguette and rich homemade butter.

They are offering several kinds of platter to match your mood or drinks. They have the cold cuts platter, the cheeses shareable platter, combo platter, and many more. Chef Denis said that you can choose the items that you want included in the platter at Cs by Night.

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
Combo platter. Sample only. You may choose different items for this.


Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
The cheese platter.

Al Fresco or Aircon

So Cs by Night concept is al fresco dining with the Eiffel Tower in the background. But since we cannot control the weather and humidity, you may want to stay inside in their air conditioned cafe. That’s still fine. You have that option in this new Bacolod restaurant. While you are there, have some of their best desserts as well as take home their fresh breads.

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
Cs by Night grand opening.

Cs by Night

by L’Fisher Hotel
15th-Lacson Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
Open daily from 6pm to about midnight

Cs by Night - L'Fisher Hotel - Bacolod restaurants
Chef Denis and I at the opening of Cs by Night here in Bacolod. Congratulations!