Mini Cheesecake Sampler by JJC Nutritreats

Mini Cheesecake Sampler for Christmas gifts

JJC Nutritreats - cheesecake sampler
JJC Nutritreats cheesecake sampler– a wonderful Christmas gift.

What Christmas gifts are you giving away this year? Here’s a suggestion — mini cheesecake samplers by JJC Nutritreats.

Christmas is fast approaching and we are already on the lookout for new and exciting gift items that we can give to our families, relatives, and family friends. And here in Bacolod, we are not in lack of good choices for affordable gift items.

Give ‘Em Early

If we are giving gifts to a family, we often choose food items that may be shared by the members of the household, as these are most often appreciated. I suggest though that if you are giving food items, give them at last a week or 10 days before Christmas Day. Oftentimes, we wait until the last minute, like Christmas eve or on December 25 to deliver our gifts. We often find ourselves in the midst of the holiday chaos — rain, traffic, and the maddening rush of people who are trying to finish all their errands before the long holidays.

And if you are giving food, give them earlier, too. Most of us prepare something for our Noche Buena or have parties to attend to that if we give fresh food gifts all at the same time during these peak days, chances are, they would end up on the refrigerator and not get appreciated immediately while they are still fresh. Or worse is, if they just spoil because they are not eaten immediately or because there is just no more space in the refrigerator.

These are just practical tips that you may want to heed so that your food gifts will be greatly appreciated by the receiver.

Mini Cheesecake Sampler by JJC Nutritreats

So anyway, I found a new product made by JJC Nutritreats here in Bacolod. Here in our city, we are known to have the best cheesecakes, but this one is unique because it has all our favorite cheesecake flavors in one–blueberry, strawberry, chocolate, and caramel. It is sized conveniently at 6″ in diameter and is packed in a round plastic container that, with a ribbon, makes it a presentable and delectable gift. And best of all, it’s only P380, so it can fit most budgets.

JJC Nutritreats cheesecake sampler
We divided our cheesecake sampler into 8 slices. So 1 order yielded us 8 servings.

I bought one of these cheesecake samplers last week and it yielded 8 servings for us. While it really depends on how much you eat, for us, making 8 slices out of this small sampler is enough for us for dessert.

JJC Nutritreats has many food products, like their carrot cupcakes or slices, malunggay chocolate cake, specialty bread loaves like banana choco chips and streusel, and many more. You might want to consider them all, too. And oh, they also make birthday cakes.

JJC Nutritreats cheesecake
They can also customize flavors.

For orders, contact Jireh Poquita at 0922-484-6708. Follow them on Facebook,

Support local food makers for Christmas! 😀

JJC Nutritreats breads
You may also want to give away their specialty loaves like banana choco chips and streusel.

CesCaramelized Bacolod DILIS and DANGGIT

Crunchy and Spicy
Caramelized Dilis and
Danggit from Bacolod

Bacolod caramelized danggit
CesCaramelized spicy danggit with pink vinegar, fried egg, and rice–truly a Filipino breakfast.

In the Philippines, a lot of people love their dried fish. It is a common local delicacy because we are an archipelago and so we are surrounded with waters teeming with a healthy marine life. That is why we have a steady supply of seafood. Those bounty from the sea that are not consumed fresh are salted and sun-dried so that they will last longer. And oh, how we love them dipped in vinegar and eaten with rice.

Dried fish have different varieties, depending on the kind of fish. Two of the most common kinds that we have are dilis and danggit. But aside from the simple version, there are also other gourmet versions. One such version is the caramelized sweet and spicy Dilis and Danggit by CesCaramelized here in Bacolod. They also have the sweet version.

Their danggit can be pulutan for happy hour, pica, or breakfast ulam! I had mine with fried egg and rice and it was swak na swak sa panlasang Pinoy (perfect for the Pinoy palate). It comes with a sweet and sour spiced pink vinegar with the packaging. But with or without the vinegar, the danggit is love. Of course, I prepared this for both my husband and myself, and we both loved our breakfast.

Bacolod Caramelized dilis
Pure caramelized dilis — you cannot see the sugar coating but it is sweet and spicy. You can order this sweet.

They also have the sweet and spicy dilis. I have eaten a lot of those sweetened dilis coated with sugar. But I have stopped eating them because most of the time, there is more sugar than the dried fish. So it’s like eating candy. But CesCaramelized dilis is pure dilis. The sugar coating is thin and cannot be seen, but you can taste it. I especially enjoy eating it as an appetizer. This is high in protein, so it is a good snack for kids, too.

The plastic tub of dilis is P100 while the rectangular container for danggit is P190. For bulk buys, it is best to place your order at least one day ahead. This is one of those great quality Bacolod foods.

Bacolod caramelized dilis and danggit
CesCaramelized Dilis and Danggit packaging.
CesCaramelized Dilis and Danggit
Sweet Crunchy or Sweet n’ Spicy
c/o ST Marketing Bacolod
San Sebastian Streets, Bacolod City
Negros Occidental, Philippines
For orders, call (0922) 8330532