The Best Pineapple Cake Ever

What is the best pineapple cake you have ever tried?

I have now tried the best pineapple cake ever.

We live in Bacolod City, Philippines. In our family, we almost always have pineapple cake at home and these are usually from China. But I don’t remember saying “best pineapple cake.” These cakes are always brought home as pasalubong to my parents in law by friends and family. Then in turn they would share some for us to try.

Chia Te - Taiwan best pineapple cake
What is the best pineapple cake for you?

So far, among the pineapple cakes from China that I’ve tried, these are all so-so. I mean, they’re okay, to say the least. Nothing extraordinary, in fact. If I get to eat them, fine. If I don’t, I’m still swell. Or maybe we haven’t tried the premium ones? I dunno, my knowledge is limited.

Chia Te Pineapple Cake

But when friends of ours, Boyet and Ricco of Bacolod Cupcake Cake went to Taiwan, they brought home some Chia Te Pineapple Cake. And the best thing is, they shared a box to us.

Chia Te - Taiwan best pineapple cake
Chia Te pineapple cake from Taiwan

When we tried it, we right there and then declared that Chia Te Pineapple Cake is the best pineapple cake ever. That is, from among those that we have eaten. And mind you, we cannot count anymore how many brands we have tried in the past. We eat this either as snack or dessert.

Even the kids Love it

So, okay, our kids have also tried different kinds of pineapple cake like us. But they never really raved about them. In fact, most the time, our little Siobe couldn’t even finish one piece.

But with the Chia Te Pineapple Cake, we were surprised that when I opened the box again, there were only a few pieces left. I wanted to let my parents and parents-in-law try them, but I couldn’t because there was nothing left to share anymore. haha The kids ate most of them. They must love it that much!

Chia Te - Taiwan best pineapple cake
One box contains 12 individually wrapped pastries.

Pasalubong From Taiwan

So I researched about Chia Te on the internet. From the Trip Advisor, as well as other sites, I have read that people are raving about Chia Te Pineapple Cake. Apparently, this is a very famous Taiwanese bakery. The queues are very long at their stores and for good reason.

Chia Te - Taiwan best pineapple cake
The Chia Te pineapple cake box (right) is placed inside a paper bag (left). Very nice packaging.

Chia Te Bakery has tarts and cakes but the most famous product perhaps in their pineapple cake. And I read that somebody commented that he now appreciates the fact that the pineapple cake has a longer shelf life. I also like it that the packaging is so nice and presentable–a perfect gift from Taiwan.

Why is it the best pineapple cake?

The goodness of Chia Te Pineapple Cake starts from the crust. This yellow cube is dense with goodness. The crust is crumbly and buttery–you can smell the butter from whence you open the pack. Yeah, each cake is individually wrapped in foil and sealed. It has just enough sweetness, too. The crust would remind you of yummy shortbread.

Inside is pineapple candy or jam, made just right. It is not too wet not to cake-y. It does not crumble or splat when you bite it. It has just the right consistency and sweetness.

Chia Te - Taiwan best pineapple cake
Each pack contains this yummy cube.

All of us in the family love it. But I think that the kids appreciated it more. They are not very much into eating pastries, but I think Chia Te Pineapple Cake is just perfect for their taste. That is why I can say, this is the best pineapple cake ever. For the win!

So when you visit Taiwan, don’t forget stopping by Chia Te Bakery to sample their pineapple cakes and other baked delicacies. And bring home some, too. Best Taiwan pasalubong for me.

Chia Te Bakery

No. 88, SEc 5, Nanjing East Rd,Taipei 105, Taiwan
+886 2 8787 8186