Top Dishes We Like at Kuya J Restaurant

Kuya J Restaurant
Kuya J Restaurant at SM City Bacolod north wing atrium.

We first ate at Kuya J Restaurant in Cebu maybe about 10 years ago. And many things have happened since then. Now, their model of a restaurant is open for franchising and we already have a branch here in Bacolod City, which is located at the SM City Bacolod north wing (near the atrium). And if I may add, many people dine there whether for lunch or dinner.

Kuya J has also enlisted famous actor Jericho Rosales as its celebrity endorser, catapulting the restaurant to nationwide fame. By the end of 2015, Kuya J restaurant has opened a total of 30 stores nationwide and they are still on the works for opening more branches this year. But even without Mr. Rosales, I believe that Kuya J will easily win the favor of Filipino diners all over the country because of their mouth-watering Filipino dishes, prepared with a twist but are perfect for the palate of local diners. Last year, hubby and I even had our anniversary dinner there.

Jericho Rosales for Kuya J
Jericho Rosales during his visit to Bacolod for Kuya J Restaurant with host Dani Dingcong.

As for our family, we do have our favorite dishes at Kuya J Restaurant when we dine over there. And here, we celebrate them all because we finally got to take photos of the dishes that we love.

Kuya J Restaurant Bacolod
Kuya J Bacolod interior.

Kuya J Specialty Rice

One of the things that we like about Kuya J is that they don’t just serve white rice, yellow rice, or garlic rice. They have interesting rice bowls for three to five persons, depending on how much rice you eat, and they are all flavored. You can also order steamed white rice for individual servings and it’s already unlimited. Kuya J unlimited rice is only P40. Check out these specialty rice platters below. They are mouthwatering already.

sinuglaw by Kuya J
Sinuglaw is the bestselling appetizer at Kuya J. It is a grilled pork (sinugba) mixed with the kinilaw (fish in vinegar), but it is presented this way, served with krispy kangkong. You can chop up the pork and mix it with the kinilaw for a wonderful fusion dish.
fried rice
Binagoongan Rice has fried pork and mango slices.
danggit rice
Danggit Rice at Kuya J…Just perfect to whet the appetite. A Filipino meal by itself.
Chorizo Rice
Our family’s favorite–Chorizo Rice at Kuya J.

All-time Filipino Favorites

Kuya J Restaurant is all about Filipino food. But at Kuya J, there is always something different, a wonderful twist to your favorites. And they are soooo good. Here are our favorites.

baked scallops
We have always loved their baked scallops with a creamy, cheesy topping. Only at Kuya J.
boneless bangus
For fish lovers, you would really like this bangus. I think this is grilled inside a foil but because of its seasonings and chopped vegetables inside, the bangus is so flavorful. Must-try.
tortang talong
Tortang talong with meat and assorted vegetables at Kuya J.
Krispy Tadiang
Hubby and I absolutely love the Krispy Tadiang. But make sure that you don’t order several fried dishes at the same time because it can be cloying. Partner this with other dishes.
kare kare
Kuya J kare kare. It’s so flavorful and I love their bagoong!
fresh lumpia
Lumpia Presko with garlic sauce at Kuya J.

As for dessert, Kuya J has this wonderful creation–the Tablea-Coffee Flan. It is not so sweet and it is perfect for dark chocolate lovers. Served with a single wafer on top.

tablea coffee flan
Tablea-coffee flan by Kuya J.

How about you? Have you dined at Kuya J Restaurant? What are your favorite dishes there? Comment on below.

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