THE BOXES Bacolod Restaurants Top Food Picks

The Boxes: Bacolod restaurants and restobars

The Boxes is a strip Bacolod restaurants and restobars located in a hidden area beside the New Government Center (NGC). You have to seek them to discover the food gems in this area. It may be new but remember the name: The Boxes Bacolod restaurants. 

The Boxes - Bacolod restaurants
Here are my top food picks at The Boxes — a collection of Bacolod restaurants and restobars at the NGC area.

What is The Boxes

THE BOXES is a collection of some of the finest Bacolod restaurants and restobars. It is very near the Bacolod Government Center at Circumferential Road, Bacolod City, but it cannot be accessed directly from the highway. One must make a turn on the right side of the government center, pass by at the back, and then make a left on the second corner after the NGC.

The area is called The Boxes because these Bacolod restaurants and bars are literally made of shipping container boxes stacked together and designed according to each one’s ingenuity.

The Tenants

The tenants at The Boxes have a lot to offer in terms of food, drinks, and experience, but I think they are underappreciated. This may primarily be because the area is known for having bars and diners would not think of going here if they just want to have dinner. Some of them are Bacolod restaurants while some operate as restobars but they sure have some good food over there.

And second, because of the cumbersome flow of traffic in this area. If you are not from around here, chances are, you will miss this place. But it is actually a lovely commercial district to scour and discover some great Bacolod restaurants. Plus, they have great selections of drink creations, aside from the usual beers and wines. After dinner, you may also wish to take a stroll around the area because it is generally peaceful around here. And clean, too.

The BOXES by The Marketplace

• Deck #01 – Yellow Leaf Cuisine
• Deck #02 – Bok’s Restobar
• Deck #03 – Tiffany’s Confections
• Deck #04 – Chateau Al Fresco restobar
• Deck #05 – Fafi’s Fusion
• Deck #06 – STOW AWAY Restobar
• Deck #08 – Sugureta Bar and Restaurant
• Deck #10 – RETRO KTV & BAR
• Deck #11 – PONS Restobar
• Deck #12 – The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill

Good Food

From the many Bacolod restaurants I have been to, I felt like I have eaten every version of Pinoy food there is, but here at The Boxes, I found something new–new creations, new fusions, and even new ways of dish presentations. I surely enjoyed the Negros Bloggers first-ever Bacolod Food Crawl at The Boxes. Here I am featuring MY top food picks at ten (10) of the Bacolod restaurants | bars at THE BOXES during our visit there.

These Bacolod restaurants and bars are presented in no particular order. Hope you also try them out, too. If you already went to any of these restaurants and bars, do comment what dishes you prefer there. I would love to hear from you.

Tiffany's Confections - Bacolod - desserts - Bacolod restaurants
Tiffany of Tiffany’s Confections.

Tiffany’s Confections

Tiffany’s Confections is perhaps the homiest place at The Boxes. With French windows, white walls, and a nice garden, you get a nice and comforting feeling when you are there. Tiffany’s has a line of unique desserts and snacks. And the lady has coffees, too. You can have snacks here or your afternoon coffees and cakes. Or you may have dinner in the neighboring restaurants and have your desserts here.

Tiffany's Confections - Bacolod restaurant
Hot spinach dip with baguette

My top picks at Tiffany’s Confections are the spicy spinach dip served with baguette for snacks and the chocolate hazelnut cheesecake for dessert. The spinach dip is made with cream cheese and has just the right amount of spiciness. While I am not a chocolate lover, the chocolate cheesecake is heavenly!

Tiffany's Confections - Bacolod restaurant
This chocolate hazelnut cheesecake is not cloying and is not too chocolatey. It is just enough to tickle the palate and give you a nice feeling after each bite.

They are open daily, from 2pm to 10pm. They are located at Deck #3, The Boxes. I also included Tiffany’s Confections chocolate hazelnut cheesecake in my list of Best Desserts of Bacolod.

Tiffany's Confections - Bacolod restaurant
Our family during hubby’s birthday at the al fresco dining area of Tiffany’s Confections. He had a chocolate hazelnut cheesecake.

Bok’s Restobar

Bok’s Restobar is a family-owned Bacolod restaurant run by sisters who love cars and who call each other as “Bok”. They have great tasting fusion dishes but the top two that stuck to my memory are their Mongolian Beef Rice Topping and their Fried Chicken Skin served with their special vinegar.

Bok's Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Bok’s Restobar has acoustic nights
Bok's Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Must-try! Bok’s spiced vinegar. Only P180 for a long-neck bottle.

The spiced vinegar (sinamak) is so flavorful that hubby bought a long neck bottle for P180. Bok’s Restobar is located at Deck #2, The Boxes. They are open daily from 4:30pm to 1:30am. We use it as condiment with our grilled or fried dishes at home.

Bok's Restobar- Bacolod restaurant - fried chicken skin
Fried chicken skin served with Bok’s special vinegar — as in swak na pulutan!
Bok's Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Mongolian beef with lots of garlic. This is a very flavorful dish that is best eaten with rice.

FAFI’S FUSION House of Chilli Crab

If you have been to or stayed in Singapore, you are most certainly gonna have a hankering for the Singapore Chilli Crab. And among Bacolod restaurants, you will find the authentic Chilli Crab at Fafi’s Fusion House of Chilli Crab.

Fafi’s Fusion dishes are made by Fafi himself — the family’s patriarch. The owners have stayed in Singapore for 10 years, so this country has had so much influence on them. The food at Fafi’s has a lot of Malay, Indo, and Chinese touches, so here you will find the terms like ketong, sotong, and sambal on the menu. But since it’s fusion, they also have some Filipino favorites there.

Fafi's Fusion - Bacolod restaurant- Singapore Chilli Crab
This Singapore Chilli Crab at Fafi’s Fusion is a 900 gram-beauty. Sizes vary upon availability. They charged according to weight. Plunge into it without guilt using your bare hands. Don’t worry, they have soap and running water.

My top picks for this restaurant are, of course, their Singapore Chilli Crab and their Cereal Prawn, which is fresh prawns sauteed sliced chilli, fresh curry leaves, and imported sweet cereal. Their chili crab can be made spicy or just mildly spicy, but it has the consistency of the sauce that I like. They have made it more flavorful to local palate, but I do miss the aroma of cilantro. Both are seasonal offerings though, depending on the supply of these seafood.

Cereal prawn - Fafi's Fusion - Bacolod restaurant
Cereal prawn at Fafi’s Fusion

If you are going there just to eat the chilli crabs and the prawns, make sure that you ask first from their FB page or call them at 0915-2045944. Fafi’s Fusion is located at Deck #5, The Boxes. Open Wednesday to Sunday, 5pm to 12mn.

Fafi's Fusion House of Singapore Chilli Crab
Fafi’s Fusion House of Singapore Chilli Crab


Pons Restobar is a casual dining, chill place with zen elements incorporated in their design. They have good food and beautiful presentations as well as designer mixed drinks. I especially love their Fish Kinilaw and Chicharong Bulalak. Basta namit a.

Pons Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Fish Kinilaw of Pons Restobar
Pons Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Chicharong bulakak.

At Pons Restobar, you gotta check out their different drinks as well — from the fraps, shakes, to the alcoholic cocktail mixes. They’re works of art and Instagram-worthy. Pons Restobar is located at Deck #11, The Boxes. They are open daily, from 5pm to 2am.

Pons Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Some of the non-alcoholic beverages at Pons Restobar.
Pons Restobar Bacolod restaurant
Pons Restobar on a late afternoon.


In Japanese, Sugureta means “superior food”, we were told. Sugureta Bar and Restaurant is the only Japanese-inspired restobar in the area. Without the live singing, you might list this as among Bacolod restaurants serving Japanese cuisine.

Sugureta Bar and Restaurant - Bacolod restaurant
Sukiyaki at Sugureta Bar and Restaurant. This is only P300 (10″ dish). Now I know where to go when I get a hankering for sukiyaki.
Sugureta Bar and Restaurant - pork tonkatsu
The pork tonkatsu is the way it should be. Crunchy and kinda bland and its flavors just accented with catsup. I prefer mine plain.

Anyway, Sugureta serves some common Japanese dishes and I super love their rich and big order of Sukiyaki. Their pork tonkatsu is good, too. And food is really affordable. But since this is a drinking area visited by Pinoys, they also have some Pinoy appetizers that’s great pulutan. Try their sizzling fish, too. Sugureta is located at Deck #8, The Boxes. They are open daily from 5pm to 1am.

Sugureta Bar and Restaurant - Bacolod restaurant
Sugureta Bar and Restaurant at Deck #8, The Boxes.


Chateau Al Fresco Restobar is located at Deck #4, The Boxes. They are open daily from 5pm to 2am. This is the only restobar in the area with a wine room and a decent collection of wines. They have good food with big servings and are really affordable. The bar setting with live music starts at 9pm, so you can bring your family or friends here for dinner from 6pm to 9pm, if you don’t want the bar vibe.

Chateau Al Fresco - Bacolod restaurant - pancit effuven
Basta for me, this is the best pancit that made a good food memory.
Chateau Al Fresco - Bacolod restaurant - mozzarella sticks
Mozzarella sticks … don’t skip on the sauce. It’s what makes the difference.

After all, Chateau Al Fresco Restobar is a Bacolod restaurant first and a bar second. I super love their Pancit Effuven! Lots of meat and seafood and fried garlic. But most of all, I love the peppery taste–that’s the kind of pancit I love. They have Mozzarella Sticks, too, that are like the regular cheese sticks in lumpia wrapper, but the game changer is the sauce. You should put some of the sauce with each bite to know what I am talking about.

Chateau Al Fresco Restobar - Bacolod restaurant - chicken skin
Fried chicken skin.
Chateau al Fresco Restobar Bacolod restaurant
Platter of Backribs at Chateau al Fresco Restobar

Okay, I only said that I will mention two, but I also like their Fried Chicken Skin that doesn’t have batter–just the goodness of the skin and fat, and their Barbecued Back Ribs. They are picture perfect, too, so I am including them here. hehe By the way, they have one KTV room at the second floor that can be used for 3 hours at a consummable rate of P1,500 only.

Chateau Al Fresco Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Chateau Al Fresco Restobar, Deck #4, The Boxes.


Needless to say, namit gid pang luto sang Stow Away Restobar. It can be rated good among the many Bacolod restaurants that we prefer. They are located at Deck #6, The Boxes, with business hours from 5:30pm to 2am. Some of their dishes are good for pulutan like the Beef Tapa, but we thoroughly enjoyed all the dishes they served for dinner.

Stow Away Restobar - Bacolod restaurant - fish kinilaw
Fish Kinilaw at Stow Away Restobar.
Stow Away Restobar - Bacolod restaurant - sizzling bulalo
Sizzling Bulalo at Stow Away Restobar – so tender and flavorful…and has strong hints of butter or magarine, too.

My special mentions would be the Sizzling Bulalo Steak and even the Fried Lumpia. Love their Fish Kinilaw, too. And don’t forget the Nachos and the Filleto Steak. Visit them and enjoy dinner before the happy hour starts.

Stow Away Restobar - Bacolod restaurant - fried lumpia
Fried lumpia is really namet!
Stow Away Restobar - Bacolod restaurant
Stow Away Restobar at The Boxes.


The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill is located at Deck #12, The Boxes. They have grill because the owners are the family behind the Umbao Bacolod Chicken Inasal at the Manokan Country.

But aside from the Bacolod chicken inasal, they also have great dishes that may be shared by big groups. If it isn’t raining, it would be lovely to dine al fresco at their roofdeck because the view is simply breathtaking.

The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill - Bacolod restaurant
The Supreme Sinigang is a mix of shrimp, fish, and pork. Seasoned very well and has just the right amount of acidity. Despite the many chili peppers, it’s not very spicy–it’s just for aroma. Mouth-watering indeed!

My top food picks here would be the Sate Babe with Java rice, the Sinigang Supreme, and the Sinuglaw. Sinuglaw is the Fish Kinilaw mixed with slices of grilled pork.

The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill - Bacolod restaurant
Sate Babe with Java (or yellow) rice. I like it because it’s not cloying and the barbecue is flavorful.
The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill- Bacolod restaurant
Sinuglaw at The Dee Loo. Namit ni!
The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill - Bacolod restaurant
The Dee Loo Restobar and Grill at Deck #12, The Boxes.


Yellow Leaf Cuisine is a surprising corner at The Boxes. Located at Deck #1 of The Boxes, it is on the leftmost corner of the strip–the first one but also the last one you will reach if you make a turn from the back of the NGC. It is away from the maddening crowd of partygoers and rightfully so, because it is a quaint and homey Bacolod restaurant that serves comforting food inside a place with nooks and crannies that are Instagram-worthy.

Yellow Leaf Cuisine - Bacolod restaurant - Salpicao
Salpicao with mashed potato and Yellow Leaf Cuisine.
Yellow Leaf cuisine - Bacolod restaurant - creamy pesto chicken
Chicken in creamy pesto. I love the touch of the sliced ripe toatoes on top. Namit gid!

They have many offerings at Yellow Leaf Cuisine plus lots of non-alcoholic drink creations. I super love their Chicken with Creamy Pesto Sauce and probably one of the best Salpicao I have ever tried. It’s lovely to bring your family here or to have a romantic date with your loved one.

Yellow Leaf Cuisine - Bacolod restaurant - drinks
Lovely non-alcoholic drinks at Yellow Leaf Cuisine. Loved the Matcha (right).
Yellow Leaf Cuisine - Bacolod restaurant
Hubby and I — having a date? Pwede a. At Yellow Leaf Cuisine.


Retro KTV is a funky Bacolod KTV bar that went all out in maintaining the Retro vibe of the place. From the cassette tape designed tabletops and place mats to the turntable designed door mats, and the mirror balls hanging from the ceiling, you get the retro feels wherever you look. Plus, you will get a giggle or worse a laugh when you read the puns intended in the menu.

Retro KTV - Bacolod restaurant mozarella sticks
Mozarella sticks with spicy salsa dip cutely named Alicia Cheese, a play on the name Alicia Keys.

But despite the blast from the past aura of the place, it is I think one of the most modern Bacolod KTV bars. Aside from all the feels that you get, the best feel is that of your tummy because they also have good eats.

Retro KTV Bar - Bacolod restaurant - pork barbecue
This pork barbecue only uses lean meat but is surprisingly tender and easy to bite, even if it was no longer hot when we ate it.

I do like a lot of their food at Retro KTV, but for the purpose of this article, I will highlight the Alicia Cheese (mozarella sticks) with a spicy salsa dip and the Justin Biebercue (pork barbecue that’s mostly meat but it’s so tender). The Alicia Cheese is crunchy on the outside and gooey on the inside because of the mozzarella. Eat it while it’s hot smothered with the flavorful salsa.

Retro KTV - Bacolod restaurant
Retro KTV during the day. This photo was published earlier in my other blog,

If you are not going to have KTV, you can just dine outside or on their breezy second floor. Hang out at Retro KTV, located at Deck #10, The Boxes. They are open daily from 5pm to 2am.

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