There are many toilet brands nation today, so homeowners looking for improvement or renovation into their bathroom would surely have a hard time in picking one. If you wish to have an easy time choosing a toilet,as our toilet reviews you may give a second look to TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake, an excellent one from the Toto brand that has been around for years.

TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake Main Specifications – Best toilet

The Toto Drake 2-Piece Ada is an elongated toilet model from the company that features both comfort and performance atop its class. From the design to its price, you won’t regret considering it as a replacement for your old toilet. Here are a few significant features:

  • High Profile & Contemporary Design
  • G-Max Flush System
  • Large Surface Water Area
  • Elongated Bowl Shape
  • Closed-Coupled Toilet with a 12inch Rough-In
  • ADA Compliant
  • Siphon-Jet Flushing Action
  • 3-inch Flush Valve
  • Computer Designed 2 1/8 inch Fully Glazed Trap-Way
  • Tank & Bowl Included
  • 1.6gpf Water Consumption Rating
  • Low Water Consumption Rating of 6lpf/1.6gpf

Pros of the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake – Best toilet

  • Flawless toilet flushing action
  • Flush valve that’s 125% larger than conventional ones
  • Easy installation process
  • Powerful, commercial grade and quiet flushing action
  • Wash-let seat for a high level of cleanliness

Cons of the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake – Best toilet

  • The 18-inch plus seat exceeds over 19 inches which may be too high for some
  • A bit expensive
  • May require occasional maintenance

Summary of Feedback for TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake – Best toilet

With all the many people who bought and installed the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake with elongated bowl, most of them have revealed how they receive a great amount of comfort and satisfaction with this toilet’s quality.

Most of them didn’t just consider installing in their homes but in their offices as well. When it comes to replacing an old toilet, people consider the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake.

Who Should Buy the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake? – Best toilet

If you have just bought a home and are looking to create a sense of coziness in your bathroom, the TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake may be the one you are looking for with its offered satisfaction, design, performance and functionality. Overall, a it is great choice as a replacement or as a new installation.

Conclusion and Recommendation 

After learning of its great features and functions, surely a TOTO CST744SL-01 Drake is a cool investment if you are looking to save money for your pocket and create a warm sense of space in your bathroom.