Valentine’s at Vikings Buffet Bacolod Has a Special Treat for Lovers

This February, Bacolodnons are in for a treat because of back to back new creations at Vikings Luxury Buffet at SM City Bacolod. After the Year of the Monkey Good Luck Menu to celebrate the Chinese New Year, now they are announcing a special Lovers’ Menu for what else? The impending Valentine’s Day!

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Yes, next Sunday, February 14, 2016, diners at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod are in for a special treat as their resident chefs have whipped up something special to celebrate the Day of Hearts.

Yesterday, bloggers and media peeps were treated to a sampling of what’s in store on Valentine’s Day and the menu was just stunning! It is a mixture of the tart, the sweet, the sour, the spicy, and the luxurious–pretty much all the colorfully strong emotions of love translated into mouth-watering dishes.

If you don’t believe me, check out my photos below. Too bad that we were only given a sampling yesterday, such a tease for the real deal on Valentine’s Day!

Waldorf Salad
Apple Waldorf and Mixed Greens in Grape Vinaigrette. With an appetizer like this, who needs a boyfriend? Crunchy and crisp, light and sweet. You are in for a no-pressure, happy-easy relationship with this one. Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.
Crab cakes
Baltimore Style Crab Cakes with Tartar Sauce. Fresh fruits and fresh bounty from the sea collide in this delectable starter that will surely whet your appetite for a more serious affair with the buffet table. Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.
oyster cake
Oyster Cake. Who says cake should only be sweet? Savor the flavors of freshly shucked oysters fried into a perfect omelet. Crunchy on the outside but with flavor of the oysters bursting with every bite. Just like the perfect relationship–tough on the outside and a soft during the most intimate, unguarded moments. Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.
shrimp tempura
Sweet Lovers’ Shrimp. If canoodling over wine under the dark Manhattan midnight sky is your idea of romance, then bring this sweet take on our favorite seafood. Beautiful scene, lovely food. What can go wrong on your after-dinner tryst? Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.
balut in ala pobre sauce
Spicy Balut ala Pobre. This is not your ordinary relationship. Are you brave enough to eat this Pinoy favorite in all its glory? Then this time, you are in for a treat as it comes with a flavorful ala Pobre sauce–just enough garlicky spiciness to make your love life more interesting. It is perks like these down the road that make for an exciting romance. Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.
chicken piccata with spaghetti
Chicken piccata with light caper sauce. Not every relationship is perfect. Sometimes, a tramp threatens an otherwise blissful togetherness. But instead of taking it sitting down, every wise woman fights back to a level of sweet and spicy sauciness to keep her man on the helm. But if you are in a happy and in love, think of the Bella Notte spaghetti that Lady and the Tramp shared. You’d be inspired. Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.
roasted Salmon belly
Chili Roasted Ginger Salmon Belly Teriyaki. Sweet and spicy and roasted to perfection. The best relationships have been seasoned with time and experiences, knowing that the best is yet to come. Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.
baby back ribs
Baby back ribs in spicy chocolate orange sauce. Tender and juicy and sweet and spicy–ain’t all relationships like that? Oh, love, what wonderful rack! And we are going to share it. Only at Vikings Buffet SM Bacolod on Valentine’s day.

Your mouth-watering yet? Consider taking your special someone this February 14 to SM City Bacolod and dine at Vikings Luxury Buffet. 😀

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