Yummy Potato Bombs Recipe

Potato bombs
Potato bombs filled with cheese and luncheon meat. Don’t forget those fallen off bread crumbs–they are sooo tasty!

There is no question that my kids love my homemade mashed potato. Who wouldn’t? These are fresh potatoes boiled and peeled to perfection, then mashed with butter and full cream milk and flavored with a little salt. That’s the simplest yet yummiest mashed potato because it is made wholly of this sticky crop.

Anyway, I read somewhere about making them into balls and frying them but I didn’t catch the recipe. So I just made my own version for the kids. Here’s what I did.

mashed potato
Potato mashing in progress. I just use fork, by the way.

Cheesy Potato Bombs

Mashed potato that you prepared earlier (see procedure above)
Cheese cubes
Luncheon Meat cubes (optional)
Store-bought bread crumbs

1. Get about a tablespoon the mashed potato in an ice cream scooper. Put 2 cheese cubes and a cube of luncheon meat (if available) in the center. But the luncheon meat can be omitted, just don’t ever, ever forget the cheese or the bomb part goes kaput.

making potato bombs
Measure about a tablespoon of mashed potato and place cheese and luncheon meat in the center.

2. Put another tablespoon of mashed potato on top and form into a tight ball. Tip: Don’t put too much milk in your mashed potato so that you will make firm balls.

Tip: Don’t put too much milk in your mashed potato so that you will make firm balls that will not break during frying.

3. Roll your balls into the bread crumbs, making sure that all sides are coated generously.

bread crumbs
Dredge the potato balls with the bread crumbs. I just bought one of those seasoned bread crumbs from the store. It’s made in Japan.

4. Freeze them for at least 3 hours before frying.
5. Deep fry the frozen balls in very hot oil until golden brown. Drain or roll in paper towels after removing from the pan to drain off excess oil. Serve hot with a cheesy-mayo or cheesy-mayo-garlic sauce so that the cheese will ooze from the center when they slice it. The bomb! But if the kids take too long to get seated, just reheat the balls for about 10 seconds in the microwave. Not too long or they might explode–literally! haha

This is sure going to be a hit with your kids! As for the filling, you may opt to replace the meat with bacon, sauteed ground beef or pork, or anything delicious. Just don’t forget the cheese! It can be served as snacks or in my daughter’s case, as viand!

Note: This is not originally my idea. I was inspired somewhere. I just put together everything and estimated the measurements. If you know of something that I can use to improve this recipe, drop me a comment, please. 😀 Thank you!

Hello Kitty plate
My daughter’s Hello Kitty dinner plate.

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