The 8ft trampoline is a popular choice among homeowners with little space to spare, but is also the most unsafe choice. The trampoline’s very small size only permits one person to safely jump on it at one given time and you can’t stop children from jumping on it all at the same time. Preventing the occurrence of accidents is the best thing that you can do and this is only possible with the use of trampoline with net add-ons like an enclosure and surrounding pads.

Homeowners having limited spaces whether indoors or outdoors prefer 8ft trampolines over larger ones because they are easier to accommodate. It brings out the same amount of fun as 12ft or 16ft trampolines, only in a compact size. But this convenience comes at the price of limiting the number of children who could jump on it at one at a time. More than one child jumping on it is still possible though, but comes with the risk that one or both of them would fall off the trampoline’s size.

Let’s face it, children will be children. Even if we tell them not to do things, they would go ahead and do it anyway – including jumping on a small kids trampoline with other kids already jumping on it. Falls from the trampoline couldn’t be avoided by merely reprimanding children, which is why you need to take the action of purchasing an 8ft trampoline with enclosure.

Some trampolines already come with this enclosure during your purchase, and is made of a net that will surround the borders of the trampoline to prevent children from falling or flying off elsewhere. A package selling both the trampoline and the enclosure would be the best option, but you could always buy the latter separately if the trampoline of your choice doesn’t include one in its package.You must also see these skywalker trampoline reviews.

Aside from an enclosure, another safety measure to take is to buy and install 8ft trampoline pads with your trampoline. These pads either come with a trampoline package when sold, or could also be purchased as a different item. It will act as a cushion underneath and in the area surrounding a trampoline, not to necessarily prevent injuries but to break falls that may occur.

Even though the 8ft trampoline isn’t the safest choice to start with, you can still make it the safest play environment for your children by simply installing additional enclosures and pads onto it. This way, you could still manage to safe keep your children’s safety and efficiently utilize the limited space in your home.