The Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Piece Vanity Set in Espresso Finish is a compact, beautiful, sturdy piece of furniture at a great price. Of the 191 reviews (of 236) that rate the product 4 stars or higher on Amazon, customers have raved about their ability to assemble the furniture with little-to-no hassle, how the furniture compliments any room, and the great value the Frenchi Vanity Set has presented them. Check here for best dressing tables

If you are looking for a reasonably priced vanity set, this may be the one you are looking for. However, price is not the only element that seems to draw people to it like bees to honey, as it is a delicate and timeless piece of furniture that everybody can easily enjoy, regardless age, and taste or house décor.

The reason is simple and is due to the clever design its manufacturers have given to it. Its lines are so simple and elegant that the Vanity Set in Espresso Finish can easily blend with any kind of house and surrounding. You can place it in a modern bedroom and make a perfect fit; but, you can also prefer it to become a stylish addition to a more romantic décor.


The Frenchi 3 Piece Vanity Set is a compact vanity that comes with a stool. With a lovely espresso finish that compliments most décor, the vanity has a central organization drawer to hold make-up, jewelry, or knick-knacks. It also comes with a mirror that provides multiple-angle reflection, providing a range of options when getting ready.

The set is small, measuring 31 X 19.5 X 12.9 inches and weighing only 37 pounds, making it ideal for those with limited space or simply do not want a piece of furniture that is too bulky. Note that many customers have chosen to add a pinch of a more floral or girlish touch to it, by applying an additional cover to the small, comfortable and convenient stool. The options are unlimited and based on the overall style you want your bedroom to have, you can customize the stool in very little time and almost effortless.


  • Vanity and stool
  • One organization drawer
  • Multi-angle reflection mirror
  • Espresso finish
  • Compact design at 31 X 19.5 X 12.9 inches and 37 pounds


Amazon customers have given the Frenchi 3 Piece Vanity Set a total of 4.2 stars out of 5 over 236 reviews. They marvel at the design, the ease of assembly, the durability, the size, and the price. One user checked in two years after purchasing a vanity to say, “Over two years later, I still love this vanity. It has held up very well.”

The customers love the clean design of the Frenchi Vanity Set. In a review from March 25th, 2013 one user wrote that the set “looks quite elegant.” Similarly in March, another customer wrote that the set, “Looks so nice,” and that they are, “Very happy with (this) purchase.” Of the several reviews that love the design, the customer who summed it up best said, “It’s compact, stylish, and well-made.”

Most of the customers that bought the Frenchi Vanity Set were able to assemble it in about a half an hour. In describing their five-star review, one customer said, “… Easy assembly, did it by myself in 30 minutes with no additional tools or an extra set of hands.” Another customer said, “I am absolutely not a handy person… but this vanity went together with surprising (and relieving) ease!”

Despite the ease with which the Frenchi Vanity Set is assembled, it is extremely durable. This led one reviewer to write, “… The build of the furniture is very sturdy… It doesn’t wobble or crack anywhere.” Compared to other products, one satisfied customer wrote, “More sturdy than other build-it-yourself furniture.”

If you do not have a lot of space to give up, the compact design of the Frenchi Vanity Set is for you. One reviewer summed up the feeling of many others when they wrote, “Perfect for a smaller room.” Another “… put this vanity inside of my walk-in closet… This is great for the price.”

The most surprising thing many reviewers find about the Frenchi Vanity Set is the value it provides for the price. One mother commented, “We bought this for our teenaged daughter… It is beautiful and functional for a low price.” A husband buying the vanity for his wife said, “It’s a great little table for the price. You simply can’t go wrong.”


  • Ease-of-Assembly: For most customers assembly takes a half an hour or less with minimal need for extra tools or assistance.
  • Durability: The solid design of the Frenchi Vanity Set ensures that it will last for years.
  • Size: For small bedrooms or large closets, this vanity set can fit almost anywhere.
  • Price: At less than $100, this vanity set is a great value.


  • Size: Due to the vanity’s compact nature, many feel that it is better-suited for young women or people below 5’6.
  • Instructions: Many people received instructions for a different vanity set in their box, or the directions were missing completely.


A well-designed, sturdy, easy-to-assemble, bargain, the Frenchi Furniture Wood 3 Piece Vanity Set in Espresso Finish is the perfect addition to any home. Whether buying it for a daughter, a wife, a friend, or as a gift to yourself, the Frenchi Vanity Set will compliment your existing furniture while adding elegance to your room. Anyway, at less than $100 and the exceptional style it gives out, you cannot go wrong with the Frenchi Vanity Set.