We make it a point to have a sleepover at my parents’ house once a month. We usually leave the house of my in-laws on a Saturday afternoon then we would stop by the grocery store before proceeding to my parents’ place. It is about a 30-minute ride from our house now but we do not often go there because we have work and we usually close shop around 7pm. So it is pretty late.

Anyway, when Sunday comes, we usually eat in our garage that is shaded by a verdant mango tree. Its branches are all over that it covers a big chunk of our big lot. Then my Tatay would grill pork. My husband and I love this. My mother would find the choicest slices and then just add salt. Yep, she does not marinate them because we want to be able to taste the natural flavor of the pork, not the marinade. So that is why, it has to be the choicest pork, young and tender.

My husband and I would then have our sawsawan (dipping sauce) made of a combination of soy sauce, kalamansi, salt, and some spicy vinegar. Wow! This is a simple grilled pork recipe but that would really make a lot of rice disappear!

I am making this post because we are supposed to go there this Sunday but we could not because that is the start of the DVBS in our church and my mother is one of the facilitators. She will need to do a lot of marketing for that. So anyway, we will be missing this.